All licensing inquiries (music, prose, foreign rights)

For music/prose licenses, please contact us via email.
For master rights/synch licenses, please contact us via email.

Press & publicity inquiries

Karen Wiessen
All Eyes Media

Live Appearances (concerts, lectures, speeches, television, theater)

North America

Paladin Artists
Kath Buckell email
Steve Martin email


Paul Fenn
+44 (20) 7387 5090

Master Classes

Email for more information.
Read about Janis’ master classes.

All other inquiries

Please direct your email to only one contact listed on this page. Duplicate emails will be deleted and you will receive no response. If you are unsure who to contact email us and we will try to forward it.

Contacting Janis

Janis tries to look at all her email, but due to the volume, usually cannot respond. Please do not ask her to comment on your work, send you an autograph or photo, referee your relationship, write music for your lyrics or lyrics for your music, do a show, listen to music files, or wash your dog. You will put us in the awkward position of ignoring your email before she sees it.  

If you want touring information please check the tour schedule. You can also join our sporadic email list, but your best bet is to check the tour schedule, which is updated regularly. You can also check Janis’ Facebook Page.


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