Two New Vintage Releases Available Now

Janis Ian - Worktapes & Demos Vol. 1 - Live at the Calderone Theater 1975

Jeff Evans and I put together two long-planned projects which are out now! Worktapes & Demos Vol. 1 is something we’ve talked about for decades. I’ve got hundreds of first-time-into-a-microphone songs; early versions, alternate takes, rough mixes, you name it. This first album is worktapes of songs from my first three CBS albums (StarsBetween the Linesand Aftertones), plus a couple that didn’t make the recording. They’re digital only and because sales will go to the archives, Sony Publishing have graciously waived all licensing fees. (Yes, they own a lot of my work. Yes, they do a much better job with it than I would. Yes, I really love working with Esther Friedman and Eriko Nitta.)

The second, Live at the Calderone Theater 1975is a straight-through concert recorded live to tape that November. Even I was kind of stunned at how good my voice sounded, though my gosh! I’m so young!!

Meanwhile, you can buy both digital albums in a nice bundle from my own site, which will also get you a package with lyrics, artwork, notes and credits. And you can still buy signed items from my friend Kris Noyes, who’s also handling my vinyl sales.

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