St. Louis & Nashville Shows Postponed

Wayno & Piraro

It is with deep regret and not a few tears that I have to announce the postponement of my upcoming St. Louis and Nashville shows. The consensus is that despite best efforts, there is no way my laryngitis will clear up in time, and I can’t run the risk of potentially devastating injury to my vocal cords.

These two shows were supposed to wrap up my final spring tour; both places are very special to me – the Sheldon is among the best crews in the world, it’s where I shot my only live DVD, and coincidentally where my tour manager of fifteen years and I first met one another. The CMA Theater is something I watched grow from its beginning, and of course, I was a Nashville resident for 33 years. I’ve supported CMA every step of the way, from dragging out-of-towners to their old building and having the idea to give locals a financial break when we brought guests, to donating an ancient Philco upright radio Chet Atkins had worked on with me, along with all my music and theater books.

Again, both shows are being postponed. We’re already researching fall dates with the theaters. I promise, we will announce the new dates as soon as possible.

Thanks to everyone for your good thoughts and understanding. I haven’t dealt with laryngitis like this since my teens… I suppose the odds were running against me. Doesn’t make it any easier, and believe me, I feel worse about it than anyone else. Again my apologies.

Special thanks to both theater’s staffs for being so understanding, and to Wayno and Piraro for allowing me to continue posting their cartoons.