Remember: Live 1977 Australia & Japan

Janis Ian

Record Details

Janis Ian - Remember: Live 1977 Australia & Japan


  1. Hymn -:-- / 4:41
  2. When The Party’s Over -:-- / 4:08
  3. From Me To You -:-- / 3:30
  4. Jesse -:-- / 5:59
  5. Watercolors -:-- / 6:24
  6. New York In The Springtime -:-- / 1:50
  7. In The Winter -:-- / 3:12
  8. Applause -:-- / 4:14
  9. Party Lights -:-- / 3:42
  10. I Want To Make You Love Me -:-- / 3:09
  11. Hotels & One-Night Stands -:-- / 3:35
  12. Love Is Blind -:-- / 2:28
  13. Miracle Row -:-- / 2:13
  14. Maria -:-- / 6:18
  15. Let Me Be Lonery -:-- / 3:55
  16. Boy, I Really Tied One On -:-- / 3:30
  17. Slow Dance Romance -:-- / 3:54
  18. Take To The Sky -:-- / 7:21
  19. At Seventeen -:-- / 5:21
  20. Will You Dance? -:-- / 4:27
  21. I Would Like To Dance -:-- / 3:33
  22. Bright Lights And Promisses -:-- / 9:33



This stellar two-CD set was recorded with Janis and her band at Osaka Festival Hall, Japan, and the Sydney Opera House, Australia during her 1977 tours there. Live to 24-track, with no editing other than starts and endings, it shows mid-careerJanis at her best. A nice companion to Working Without a Net as well!


The master recordings and artwork for this went missing shortly after the album was released. Despite Sony’s best efforts during the intervening years, neither could be found. Fans wanting to hear the only complete concert Janis recorded during that period had to make do with old vinyl copies. Just one year ago, out of the blue, Janis was sent the safety copies – first generation, flat-to-tape masters! Still, she didn’t hold much hope that they’d been properly stored – so imagine her surprise when she previewed them and discovered they sounded just like the day they were made. She decided then and there to re-create the original version as closely as possible, with an eye to releasing it in 2011 for the annual “Christmas in August” website sale.

The audio was great. The missing artwork was another story. Working closely with Janis and her team, Sony Records Japan made scans from the best copies they could find of the original vinyl packaging. On this end, Kathleen Brogan sent us her best Australian album covers, and Dan Schuman (who did the artwork for Live From Grand Center) agreed to try and put together a coherent version from all the bits and pieces we were able to give him. With Kathleen also acting as copy-editor, and Janis over-seeing the entire project, Remember began to take shape.

As usual, the sonic aspects were over-seen by Eric Conn and Don Cobb of Independent Mastering, and the final product was then handed over to Oasis CD for manufacturing.

Says Janis : “I can’t put into words how thrilled I am to see and hear this project again. I really thought it was lost forever. The package is a beautiful rendition of the original Japanese version, with additional tracks from the Australian release. I love the triptych packaging, with the complete booklet in the center. All in all, a ‘new’ CD I can distribute with pride!”