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Monthly Update

September 8, 2013

The Tiny Mouse

The Tiny Mouse

Hi all!

A quick update because I'm backed up with interviews for The Tiny Mouse release September 17th! Some local TV shows (check my website for information), an appearance September 14th at Parnassus Books, a video shoot of me with Gracie Mae, and this very cool Facebook thing:

SiriusXM is proud to announce an exclusive first national interview with Grammy-winner Janis Ian on Tuesday, September 17th, to celebrate the release of her original children's book and CD, The Tiny Mouse. At 12 Noon Eastern, Janis will do a "Facebook Takeover"of SiriusXM's official page. There'll be live questions and answers, trivia contest (with signed copies as prizes), and some very special footage of Janis with Gracie Mae. Janis will also discuss her recent surprising Grammy win, the importance of libraries, and why she's chosen to offer so much free content on her website, along with her new mantra, "Everybody should make music, because it makes the heart feel good."

Betsy gives Janis a new haircut

Betsy gives Janis a new haircut

I know a lot of people don't like Facebook, and I'll admit I'm conflicted about it myself. I'm finding it a good way to stay in touch with my extended family and friends, and see videos and hear music I would otherwise have missed. I really enjoy putting up my QOTD ("Quote of the Day") each morning. But on the other hand, as my buddy Neil Gaiman points out, when we're on line we're not writing. So it's a double-edged sword.

Still, I was thrilled when Sirius' Mary-Sue Twohy asked if I would do this, because the potential audience is huge. Of course, I'm now completely paranoid that no one will show up, so do please tune in.... I even got a new haircut for it. Pat says it looks just like the old haircut, only newer.

The giant lobster claw

The giant lobster claw

We ate lobster to celebrate our 10th "formal" wedding anniversary. Michael Carpenter, along with his partner Charley and a bunch of fans and friends, put together a beautiful video montage of congratulations – even Lily Tomlin got into the act! Like most married gay couples, we actually have two anniversaries – our formal marriage in Tortonto August 27th, 2003, and our personal vows December 4th, 1989. Hard to believe it's been 24 years this fall. Or that Gracie Mae is over a year old and I've still got all my fingers...


With all this activity going on, I realized a bit late that I really am in my 60's, and it's time to begin letting go of things I acquired "as a hedge against my 60's", so I'm starting to consider what I can live without. Much to my shock, I can only play one guitar at a time, wear two earrings (okay, three earrings), read one comic book, or sing into one microphone! I'm actually enjoying the thought of having less "stuff". We've just given a boatload of furniture and clothing away to friends and charities, and I feel very fortunate indeed to have these kinds of choices.

Gracie Mae dressed for the day

Gracie Mae dressed for the day

That's it for right now. Look for another update in about a month – meanwhile, hope you are all feeling as good about your lives and work as I am!

All the best,

Janis Ian


Tiny Alien Dog checks water purity

Tiny Alien Dog checks water purity

Hot News
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    Two solo evenings at The Kate to close out the summer!

  • Cards on sale for Valentine's!

    On sale for any occasion, until February 14th!

  • Historic Interview and Performance on WNYC

    Here's a recently unearthed interview by Dave Sear with Janis, age 16, from WNYC's Adventures in Folk Music radio New York! Recorded on December 7, 1967.

    Also includes five songs:

    1. Younger Generation Blues
    2. Society's Child
    3. I'll Give You A Stone If You'll Throw It (Changing Tymes)
    4. (Too Old To) Go 'Way Little Girl
    5. Beep Beep Song


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