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Monthly Update

November 15, 2013

With The Schuberts and Charlotte Dematons

With The Schuberts and Charlotte Dematons

This may just turn out to be one of the best years of my life. (And isn't it marvelous to be able to say that?!) Got my ninth Grammy nomination, won my second Grammy and my first Audie. Had a ball touring the U.S., got to record three more audio books, joined Miriam Therese Winter and John Seigenthaler Sr. in dialogue for Nashville Public Television... acted the role of a Launchie (The Bat) for Ender's Game Alive, wrote Valentine's Theme for the audio book, hugged Harlan Ellison a zillion times, and released my first children's book. Opened a Youtube channel, made videos for it starring The Tiny Mouse and our Portuguese Water Dog, Gracie Mae, and managed to do a Quote of the Day every single morning on my Facebook page.

Good gosh, what a great year!

The Tiny Mouse - photo Gerard Viveiros

Signing at Ingram - photo Gerard Viveiros

I never thought a children's project could be this much fun, but Mr. Mouse got such rave reviews that we gave him his own Facebook page. Hopefully it won't go to his head...


...and now I'm planning to spend part of next year writing and recording an album of children's songs, hopefully with another book to come.

Miriam Therese Winter's autobiography, The Singer and the Song, hits the stores November 19th. It's my first major audio book release since I won the Grammy for Best Spoken Word earlier this year, and I'm enormously proud of it. Not only the book and MT's extraordinary life, but the 27 songs and excerpts I recorded as part of it – the same way I recorded the songs for my own autobiography. You can hear a long sample here.

I also got to record Maggie Schein's Lost Cantos of the Ouroboros Caves – and believe it or not, my co-narrator was author Pat Conroy! Which brings me to my big announcement:


With Michael Camp, 25 years later

With Michael Camp, 25 years later

In 1998, my friend Michael Camp and I held what appears to be the very first Internet auction, hoping to raise enough money to fund a scholarship in my mother's name. From that wildly successful effort sprang the Pearl Foundation, an IRS-approved tax deductible charitable organization, which to date has given away more than $700,000 in scholarships for returning students!

Jump forward 15 years, and I'm proud to announce that from November 21st to December 4th we will be holding our second Internet auction, and it promises to be just as historic. Suggested by author George R. R. Martin (Game of Thrones) and his spouse, Parris McBride, the auction will feature 25 lots by friends of mine who have been kind enough to donate amazing unique items for this effort. All the authors have agreed to sign and personalize their items whenever possible, too.

Mike Resnick posing with his auction items

Mike Resnick posing with his auction items

Leading off, George and Parris have donated an original pilot script from Game of Thrones, signed by all the Starks! Neil Gaiman's given us a presentation copy of American Gods, Mercedes Lackey has sent her own mandolin, and Anne McCaffrey's family have sent galleys, bookplates, and Anne's personal letter opener. This is especially moving to me because November 21st also marks the second anniversary of Anne's death, and I miss her every day.

Comic book writer Len Wein has donated his set of "Wolverine claws", and Harlan Ellison is providing his very own "Harlan rat sculpture". Jane Yolen is writing a personalized poem for the winner, Wally Lamb has donated an original draft page from She's Come Undone with his own markings, and a dozen other authors are contributing books, scripts, and other unique items to our endeavor. To tie it all together, we also have a beautiful gold, diamond, and ruby Creseaux watch our family gave my mom for her graduation.

There are too many items to list here, but you can go to my home page and see a quick list right now. Once the auction's rolling, head over to the new Pearl Foundation eBay store, where my friend, Amy Leslie, will be hosting the auction. There you'll find photos of the authors with their items, along with full descriptions and commentaries by yours truly, photos of Pearl, and loads of other interesting content.

100% of every penny raised after transaction and payment fees will go directly to the Pearl Foundation. Our annual overhead is less than two percent of funds raised. We're the real deal, and we are proud to be part of something bigger than ourselves. So please, ask your friends and colleagues to join us!

The web sale will feature some wonderful archival material

The janisian.com holiday sale will feature some wonderful archival material

There'll be regular auction announcements in the Hot News section of my own website, and of course we'll be holding our regular yearly Holiday Sale beginning December 1st at 6:00PM (CST), with stunningly low prices and a few interesting items, too!

* Remember – the eBay store is empty until November 21st. And don't forget to save it in your favorite sellers section, because we'll be offering splendid items throughout next year to benefit the Foundation!

On the horizon for next year – yes, a children's album. An audio edition of Stars: The Anthology, featuring a brand new story by Michael Swanwick, and vocals by me throughout! A tour of the UK with my adored buddy Tom Paxton in March. More short stories; I'm going to keep writing them until I get it right! A series of master classes at New York's Stella Adler School, a few U.S. shows to keep my hand in, and otherwise just hiding out and being a writer and recording artist again. I'm really looking forward to it.

Hope everyone out there has had a banner year, too – and I'll be checking back in early December!

All the best,

Janis Ian


Hot News
  • What?! Another auction, you ask? And Janis is still not making any money from it? Well, thank you Covid-19.

    Yet another auction in the hope of continuing to fund the Pearl Foundation when I'm unable to tour.

  • Ebay Auction To Benefit The Pearl Foundation

    Please share!! As many of you know, my wife and I moved recently, downsizing from 4,500 sq ft to 1,000. We have no room left for most of my "stuff"!!! so I'm in the process of donating my archives, so most of my memorabilia is going there - however, my friend Joan Maute helped me select things that seemed appropriate for Pearl Foundation fundraisers. We are beginning with a 7-day auction with multiple items.This auction will end Sunday, May 16th at 4:00PM PT.

  • Pearl Foundation Update

    Astonished and grateful to say that the Pearl Foundation has donated $44,000 in scholarship endowments for the year 2020, bringing our grand total to $1,235,500.00 in scholarship funding, with more than 75 graduates to date. Thank you all for your support!

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