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April 1, 2008

John called. There’s no update. There’s no website update.

Why is there no website update?! There has to be an update!

I don’t have time. I don’t have time.

Make time. Make time.

Here’s what I’m trying to get done this month. For my autobiography project, I have to turn in the publisher credits so everything is legal. That includes each song’s publisher, co-writer if any, year of publication and copyright, how they want their credit to read, and clearance of any rights I don’t own, negotiations of how much I pay them. I need to get my editor the list of quotes from other writers about how fabulous I am, turn in all the photographs, get clearance from all the photographers, make sure everyone gets paid for their work. Thank yous for the legal folks, thank yous for my own folk, a new bio for the website.

A great Admat for the book. Pity we won't be using it...

A great Admat for the book. Pity we won't be using it...

For the double-CD set that goes with the autobiography, turn in the publisher credits, same as above. Plus the master owner’s credits. Sony and Universal have been fabulous, digging out the original analog mixes on everything and giving me permission to use them; I need a list of thankyous, now that I think of it. Also permission from my book publisher to quote myself in the liner notes for the CD set. Sony found “Ginny the Flying Girl,” so that will finally surface again as a bonus track. I found “I Long For You,” a song I’d totally forgotten about and really like, plus the original worktape of “Hair of Spun Gold” back when I was thirteen. Then there’s “Today You’re Mine,” which will go on here as well. And “Johnny I Hardly Knew Ye,” just to make things in keeping with the times. I need photo credits, too. And permissions. More negotiations.

Jo Ellen, Janis, and Kathleen Brogan proudly posing after totalling the merchandise receipts!

Jo Ellen, Janis, and Kathleen Brogan proudly posing after totalling the merchandise receipts!

Need to re-record five songs for this project, three because Morgan Creek won’t  give me permission at a price I can afford, two because I want new versions. Angela Aki arrives Sunday night and we’ll be writing all this week and week-end. I have two days set aside to pack and finish up anything        I’ve forgotten, then I leave for Japan around the 16th.

Oh, I forgot. I have to re-learn five songs for the Japanese tour, two of which I’ve never sung live before. And negotiate with the publishing company to get the best rate on buying my book for re-sale. Come up with all the graphics for the new album with John, all the rest of the text, then proof it and approve it before I go overseas. If I’m going to make my deadlines. Which I might not, because I don’t have time.

People are helping me save time. Thank God for the message board. Sara Beth Jonassen and Gabrielle Jonassen-Moore came up with a fabulous ad mat for the autobiography, that we can also use for the CD set. Looks great. Unfortunately, the publisher just decided to change the book cover to this:

The NEW cover for the autobiography
The NEW cover for the autobiography

Sara Beth Jonassen, Janis, and Gabrielle Jonassen-Moore

So we’re back at square one. I’m hoping they’ll come up with another brilliant ad mat. I’m hoping, because I don’t have time. I’m not even going to ask until I get confirmation that this is definitely it.

Dougster and Kathleen Brogan helped enormously at the West Coast gigs, handling merch and Pearl Foundation donations like pros. Come to think of it, we had help from fans at every East Coast gig, too, which helped a lot. Because I didn’t really have time to deal with much of it myself. I did take two days off to see my Uncle Bernie and Aunt Emily, which was fabulous, though I felt guilty because I didn’t really have time. I slept 12 hours the first night.

I need new luggage, two new shirts, and the hot water heater is broken so I have to call the plumber and be home when he gets here. Plus I wanted to plant some orange Cosmos before I leave town. Not to mention that I’d really like to have a meal with Pat on my birthday at least, and the deck needs sealing before I leave town, too.

One small consolation. Everyone I know is in the same boat, moving too fast, just running to stay in place. I don’t know what to do about it at this point except keep plugging on and hope that things ease up at some point. Before next year. Surely they will. I’m counting on it. Aren’t you?
Janis and Uncle Bernie. Janis on left (standing)
Janis and Uncle Bernie. Uncle Bernie on left. Janis on other left (standing)




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