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Monthly Update

July 28, 2011 - Holiday Sale

Christmas In August Website Sale!

Welcome to the now-annual "Christmas in August" website sale which is running until 9 pm CST August 13th! Instead of stepping outside and wilting into a puddle during the dog days of summer, you can shop from the air conditioned comfort of your home, knowing that your money will ultimately assist The Pearl Foundation in creating scholarships for returning students who want the chance at a better life.

We continue to build our endowments at Berea College and Warren Wilson College, hoping to donate a $90,000 to those institutions by the end of this year. Your dollars help us to make dreams a reality, so thank you in advance!

Items will begin shipping August 1 and 2.

Christmas Tree

In addition to the absurdly low sale prices on pretty much everything, we're offering some very cool new items:

A wonderful transcription of "She Must Be Beautiful," donated by Maj Britt and available absolutely free during this sale;

The Works CD set. Spanning an incredible forty-eight years of my life as an artist, these 44 CD's come with free shipping. (Mainly because I couldn't figure out how to pack them while I was putting together the list...) The set includes enough rarities and out of print CD's that we only have four to offer;

The Works DVD set. First time we're offering this (and probably last, given the amount of OOP items). Of the six DVD's here, only one is still in print, which means we only have four available. Also with free shipping.

DMG Combo set – all the DMG re-issues, re-mastered with new notes and archival photos, available in one place for a terrific price;

Remember: Live 1977. Originally released only in Japan and Australia, this rarity has been completely re-mastered from the original analogue tapes. Artwork was re-created from the original Japanese vinyl package to fit the CD format in a tri-fold package with booklet in the center. Out of print since 1983, I'm thrilled to be able to finally offer this;

Janis Jingles. In tandem with my theory that "More me is always a good thing," these are recordable greeting cards that can be personalized with a 15-second greeting by me. Yes, me. Astonishing, isn't it?! I'm happy to sing a little bit of something, wish someone happy occasion, pretty much whatever you like that isn't weird or skanky.


Christmas Giraffe

Illustration by C. Davis

Last but far from least, we have three new music/transcription downloads with a curious story. Many decades ago, I was signed to a publishing contract that required I turn in a certain number of songs per year. Every few months I would go into a small studio and record my new songs, then write out lead sheets (vocal, lyric, chords) for the publisher to use when "pitching" my songs. Since the acetates were so expensive to make, there are next to no copies of any of these – even I don't have any. Ever-vigilant Kathleen Brogan noticed one up for sale on Ebay and kindly bid on it for me. So here are three "brand new old songs", along with their lead sheets, all circa 1968-1969!! (Titles: "Bold Centurion," "Have Mercy Love," and "Sad How the Blues.")

You can find the free downloads here.

Shop 'til you drop, and have a great time!

I think that's it – hope everyone is doing well and enjoying this great summer weather. See you in Holland... or Belgium... or Scotland... or London...

Janis Ian


Hot News
  • What?! Another auction, you ask? And Janis is still not making any money from it? Well, thank you Covid-19.

    Yet another auction in the hope of continuing to fund the Pearl Foundation when I'm unable to tour.

  • Ebay Auction To Benefit The Pearl Foundation

    Please share!! As many of you know, my wife and I moved recently, downsizing from 4,500 sq ft to 1,000. We have no room left for most of my "stuff"!!! so I'm in the process of donating my archives, so most of my memorabilia is going there - however, my friend Joan Maute helped me select things that seemed appropriate for Pearl Foundation fundraisers. We are beginning with a 7-day auction with multiple items.This auction will end Sunday, May 16th at 4:00PM PT.

  • Pearl Foundation Update

    Astonished and grateful to say that the Pearl Foundation has donated $44,000 in scholarship endowments for the year 2020, bringing our grand total to $1,235,500.00 in scholarship funding, with more than 75 graduates to date. Thank you all for your support!

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