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Monthly Update

February 20, 2013

What a fantastic year so far! That's all I can say... what a fantastic year! Here's just a few of the high points:

Thanks to your generosity, we were able to donate $82,000.00 in college scholarships for returning students this year! The monies went to Berea College KY, Warren Wilson College NC, and Goddard College VT, bringing our total donations over the past decade to almost $700,000!!!

Tweet from the First Lady

Tweet from the First Lady

I received my second Grammy Award, for Best Spoken Word: Society's Child: My Autobiography. To say it was a stunning upset is an understatement; the other nominees were First Lady Michelle Obama, ex-president Bill Clinton, Rachel Maddow and Ellen Degeneres. This makes a total of nine nominations for me, in eight different categories. (There are actually 3 Grammys for my work; Brooks Arthur took home Best Engineered: Between the Lines in 1976.)

A bit of icing on the cake - the First Lady tweeted me congratulations!

Rachel Maddow sent flowers and a note!

Rachel Maddow sent flowers and a note!

In my continuing quest to make sure I have no time for anything, while in Los Angeles I also read stories by Lewis Shiner, Kage Baker, and Michael Swanwick for Skyboat Productions, as well as two children's books for Le Var Burton's Reading Rainbow series. Yet another career... oy!

Speaking of Skyboat and producer Stefan Rudnicki, he and his wife (and my director!) Gabrielle De Cuir threw the most fantastic Chinese New Year dinner in my honor. We were fortunate that my Audible editor, Christina Harcar, made it out of New York just ahead of the blizzard and could attend too. Nine courses with a private chef - for this South Jersey girl it was quite a treat!

The day after the Grammys, Pat and I visited with Chuck Lorre and the cast of Big Bang Theory on their set - more icing on the cake.

As a finale, when I arrived home there were not only flowers from Rachel Maddow, but a first edition of The Great Santini from author Pat Conroy, along with a beautiful inscription to me.

The celebratory pink microwave

The celebratory pink microwave

Like I said, what a fantastic year! And in case you're wondering what Pat and I did to celebrate - we needed a new microwave, so we bought a pink one...

Janis and Sharon Isbin

Janis and Sharon Isbin

I spent a full week in New York, allowing myself the luxury of going in early even though I wasn't earning money every day. (Yes, I think like that.) Got to meet my new literary agent in person (Ginger Clark of Curtis Brown), and thanks to Jane Yolen for recommending her. Also met with my new music publishers at Modern Works, and made up the City Winery date snafu'd by Hurricane Sandy (the great Sharon Isbin was in attendance; I was soooo nervous when I took guitar solos!). The capper was dinner with Tom Oppenheim and Ellen Adler (grandson and daughter of Stella Adler) and a tour of the Stella Adler School of Acting. Stories about "Jimmy" (Baldwin), and "Marlon" (guess who) abounded, and it made me feel, for a few hours, like Stella was alive again. It was even more special because I was able to show them the quote from Tennessee Williams about my own work:

The Tiny Mouse outside his home

The Tiny Mouse outside his home

In current news, Lemniscaat Publishing will be putting out an illustrated book based on my song "The Tiny Mouse". The Schuberts are doing the illustrations, and based on what I've seen so far, it will be fabulous. The book is slated to come out in Holland this June and in the United States this September, with editions throughout the world to come later.

Audible have picked up the rights to Stars: Stories Based on the Songs of Janis Ian, which I was also finally able to get out in e-book form. I'm working again with producer Stefan Rudnicki, and there will be a special bonus story by Michael Swanwick, based on my song "Mary's Eyes."

Janis & Shadow at the Tonight Show, August 1967

Janis & Shadow at the Tonight Show, August 1967

On a personal note, the great Shadow Morton passed away February 14th. Shadow was an extraordinary producer who trusted my musical instincts from the moment we met, sending me into my first studio session at age 15 with the instruction "Kid, go tell the ‘A Team' what you want them to play." He created a signature sound with recordings like "Leader of the Pack", and was dear to me all my life. His death follows that of Larry Martire, Shadow's friend and business partner, who fought every inch of the way for "Society's Child" to be played and recognized.

Last but far from least, it's off on tour I go, playing from the West Coast and Northwest to Asbury Park, New York, and Florida. I'll be breaking in new material as well as singing a lot of the old - and as always, you are welcome to bring vinyl or other items to be signed after the show.

Hope to see you all on the road!!!

Janis Ian


Hot News
  • My Eternity In Facebook Jail

    Let me say this at the outset. I am not one of those people who spend all day on Facebook. I don't have it on my phone. I don't carry it with me. I do check it every morning, though, because my page is a very active page, with a lot of trolls that need to regularly be smacked over the head.

    My page is the only one I know of that actually has requests for civility and no profanity at the top. It's also one of the few "celebrity pages" that's actually monitored by the person in question. (That would be me.) I have two emergency moderators, both family, who can step in if I'm unable to, but that's only happened a few times.

  • Strictly Solo now available on line!

    Happy to announce the CD version of Strictly Solo is now available in the store, as opposed to only during sales or at live shows. Enjoy!

  • Final summer shows added

    Two solo evenings at The Kate to close out the summer!

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