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  • A 16 year old Janis Ian - photo by Peter Cunningham
  • Janis Ian & her dog Punkin - photo by Peter Cunningham
  • Janis Ian & Jean Ritchie - photo by Susan Hamburger
  • Janis Ian with Vanessa Redgrave & brother Colin Redgrave - photo by Cathy Sullivan
  • Janis Ian with Melissa Etheridge - photo by Judy Weider
  • Janis Ian with horses - photo by Peter Cunningham
  • Janis Ian during the Miracle Row cover shoot - photo by Peter Cunningham
  • Janis Ian during the Aftertones cover shoot - photo by Peter Cunningham
  • Janis Ian backstage - photo by Peter Cunningham
  • Janis Ian & Angela Aki recording Angela's new album, Life - photo by Jun Takahasi
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The life and experience of a songwriter like Janis Ian is forever woven into the fabric of her songs, and Janis has proven time and time again that what she feels and thinks and writes touches the hearts of those who listen.

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After The Rain



All Roads To The River

All Those Promises


And I Did Ma


Arms Around My Life

As Far As Lonely Goes

At Seventeen


Baby's Blue


Bayonne Blues

Belle Of The Blues


Between The Lines

Billie's Bones

Bigger Than Real

Black & White

Black Crow Flying

Blood Red Rose

Body Slave

Boots Like Emmy Lou's

Boy, I really Tied One On

Breaking Silence

Bridge, The

Bright Lights And Promises


Caleb Brown

Calling Your Name

Can You Reach Me

Candle For The Flame, A


Childhood Hero

Come On, The


Cosmopolitan Girl

Counting Up The Years

Crocodile Song


Dance With Me

Danger Danger


Day By Day

Days Like These

Dead Men Walking

Dear Billy

Do Wrong, Do Right

Do You Remember?

Do You Wanna Dance?

Don't Cry, Old Man

Don't Rush The River

Down And Away

Drowning Man, The



Evening Star

Every Love

Every Woman's Song

Everybody Knows

Everything Was Beautiful


Fly Too High

Folk Is The New Black

Forever Blue

Forever Young

42nd St. Psycho Blues

Friends Again

From Me To You




Get Ready To Roll

Getting On

Getting Over You

Ginny The Flying Girl

god & the fbi

Goodbye To Morning

Great Divide, The

Guess You Had To Be There


Hair Of Spun Gold

Have Mercy, Love

Haven't I Got Eyes

He's A Rainbow

Heart Of A City

Heart Skip Too Many Beats

Heaven Knows

Hello Jerry

Here Comes The Night

Here In Spain

Here In The City

His Hands

Hit You With The Guilt


Home Is The Heart

Honey D'Ya Think?

Honor Them All

Hopper Painting

Hotels & One-Night Stands

House Without A Heart




I Am The One

I Believe I'm Myself Again

I Hear You Sing Again

I Long For You

I Need To Live Alone Again

I Remember Yesterday

I Want To Make You Love Me

I Would Like To Dance

If We Had Wings

I'll Cry Tonight

I'll Give You A Stone If You'll Throw It (Changing Tymes)

I'm Still Standing

In The Winter

Insanity Comes Quiety To The Structured Mind


Jackie Skates

Janey's Blues




Johnny I Hardly Knew Ye


Just A Girl



La Cienega Boulevard

Last Comeback, The

Last Great Place, The

Last Train, The

Lay Low

Let It Run Free

Let Me Be Lonely


Life Is Never Wrong

Light A Light

Lone Ranger Days

Lonely One

Look To The Rain

Love Is Blind

Love You More Than Yesterday

Lover Be Kindly

Lover's Lullaby


Make A Man Of You

Man You Are In Me, The


Marion Amidst The Roses

Married In London

Mary's Eyes


Mechanical Telephone



Miracle Row

Might As Well Be Monday

Mission, The


Month Of May

Morning Alone After You

Mrs. McKenzie

Murdering Stravinsky

My Autobiography

My Land

My Momma's House

My Tennesse Hills


Nature's At Peace


Never Laid A Hand On Your Heart

New Christ Cardiac Hero

Night Rains

Nightmare Mountain

No One Else Like You


Old Man's Shoes, The

Old Photographs

On The Dark Side Of Town

On The Edge

On The Other Side

On The Train

On The Way To Me

One Mississippi

Orbiting Jupiter

Orphan Of The Wind

Other Side Of The Sun, The


Page Nine

Paris In Your Eyes

Party Lights

Passion Play

Perfect Little Girl


Play Like A Girl

Present Company



Queen Merka & Me


Rate My Music

Ready For The War

Restless Eyes

Ride Me Like A Wave


Roses For The Damned



Save Somebody

Sea And Sand

Searching For America

Seaside, The

See My Grammy Ride

See The River



Shadows On The Wind

Shady Acres

She Must Be Beautiful

She's Made Of Porcelain

Silly Habits

Sing, Sing, Sing

Slow Dance Romance

Sniper Of The Heart

Society's Child


Some People

Some People's Lives


Son Of Love

Song Of The Snowbird

Song For All The Seasons Of Your Mind, A

Standing In The Shadows Of Love


Still Waiting For Love

Stolen Fire

Streetlife Serenaders

Sugar Mountain

Sunflakes Fall, Snowrays Call

Sunlight, The

Sunset Of Your Life


Sweet Misery

Sweet Sympathy


Take Me Walking In The Rain

Take No Prisoners

Take To The Sky


Tea And Sympathy



That Grand Illusion

Then Tangles Of My Mind

There Are Times

This House

This Must Be Wrong

This Night

This Old Town

This Train Still Runs

A Thousand Years

Through The Years

Time On My Hands

The Tiny Mouse

Today You're Mine

Tonight Will Last Forever

(Too Old To) Go 'Way Little Girl

Trigger Happy Love

Tune That In


Uncle Wonderful

Under The Covers




Walking On Sacred Ground


Way Of The Land

We Endure

Weary Lady

Welcome Home (The Nebulas Song)

Welcome Home (The Nebulas Song) – breakdown

Welcome To Acousticville

What About The Love

What Do You Think Of The Dead?

When Angels Cry

When I Lay Down

When I Was A Child

When The Party's Over

When The Silence Falls

When You Love Someone

Wherever Good Dreams Go

Why Can't You & I

Will You Dance?

Without You



You Don't Know My Heart

You're Too Late

You've Got Me On A String

Younger Generation Blues

Younger Generation Blues (Japanese Liner Note Translation)



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