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Godzilla Haiku 9833 - Spring Has Departed - Janis Ian"Spring has departed" It's all right to adapt a traditional haiku as Janis does here, provided we know the origin and give thanks.

Godzilla haiku submission rules.

Submissions should . Please submit to this address only! Submissions sent to press or janis directly will not be considered. Thank you for understanding!

Please do not submit very large files (over 7 MB), they won't reach us!

  1. Submit the haiku as text in your email along with the credit you would like us to use.
  2. You can also submit a Godzilla picture you think is appropriate and if you like, you can fly the text and credit into the picture. This is not necessary; we can find a picture and do the text.
    * If you submit with picture, please make sure to send us a blank copy of the picture also!
  3. Haiku must observe the 5-7-5 syllables per line "rule".
  4. Haiku does not have to mention Godzilla, it's not necessary, we just want good haiku!
  5. No shortening of Godzilla's name, eg "Zilla" or "Godz".
  6. No mentioning of Janis' name, or any of her work.
  7. Avoid profanity. Schools are using these as teaching tools, so please be aware.
  8. The haiku must make sense on first reading, even if there are multiple layers to it. If you need to explain the haiku to us, it won't work.
  9. We will not use anything overtly political, or anything containing the names of politicians. For ways to get around this, look up Samurai Frog's recent work on Tumblr.com.
  10. No use of words like "and" or single words with hyphens to get around the 5-7-5 rule.

    For instance, we would pass on:

    Godzilla actor
    In the big and rubber suit
    Probably smells bad

    However, we might have used it like this:

    Godzilla actor
    In the big bad rubber suit
    Probably smells bad

    or even:

    Godzilla actor
    In the ugly rubber suit
    Probably smells bad

  11. Likewise, please do not break a line up in the center to fit the 5-7-5. For instance, this does not work:

    Godzilla loves me
    more than life itself. But I
    only love my self

  12. Just so you know, we do prefer haiku that use "Janglish" and/or are humorous.
  13. Please think mobile phone - your text must be legible on a small screen!!!

PLEASE include the credit you would like us to use! If you don't, we will either use your name or the first part of your email address...

You can see a few of our favorites below.

We reserve the right to use any haiku submitted by you in any lawful manner, including but not limited to books, artwork, lectures, and articles, provided we use best efforts to ensure you are properly credited as you were in the original posting.

We can't always comment on submissions, though we try our best to let you know if we are going to use yours!

Godzilla Haiku 05 Godzilla Must Go - samuraifrog"Godzilla must go" is by the great SamuraiFrog, whose work was the original inspiration for this series. The haiku itself speaks simply and beautifully, evoking sadness and melancholy.

Godzilla Haiku 08 Safe Word - julian"Let me warm your loins" was one of the first funny haiku Janis used. We have no problem with sexual overtones provided they're not overt.

Godzilla Haiku 99 Man Behind Curtain - samuraifrog"Man behind curtain" is a good example of Janglish.

Godzilla Haiku 963 - Janis Ian

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