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Folk Alliance members and attendees! Part of the joy in being an independent artist, owning your own work, is that you can share it as you please. Here is a free download of my last album, The Light At the End of the Line. Please be respectful and keep the link to yourself, for your own use. 
Thank you!

I can’t get IM’s but friends are welcome to email me at – and thanks for being here!!!

  Download The Light at the End of the Line album – MP3s (zip)

  1. Resist Janis Ian 4:30
  2. I'm Still Standing Janis Ian 3:12
  3. Stranger Janis Ian 3:05
  4. Swannanoa Janis Ian 3:29
  5. Wherever Good Dreams Go Janis Ian 4:58
  6. Perfect Little Girl Janis Ian 3:18
  7. Nina Janis Ian 3:26
  8. Dancing with the Dark Janis Ian 3:19
  9. Dark Side of the Sun Janis Ian 3:06
  10. Summer in New York Janis Ian 3:23
  11. The Light at the End of the Line Janis Ian 2:51
  12. Better Times Will Come Janis Ian 7:29

“Resist,” by Janis Ian

Watch the new video titled “The Light At The End Of The Line.”

Watch the video for “At Seventeen.”

Have a look at a project some friends and I created right after the first Covid-19 lockdown. More than 175 different artists’ takes on a single song/ Nine languages, three sign languages, posters, cartoons, genres from Japanese metal (Shonen Knife) to a capella jazz (Diane Schuur) to Seattle punk (BreviT). All downloadable, all free. Visit the Better Times Will Come website.

Better Times Will Come, by Janis Ian, featuring Vince Gill, Diane Schuur, Jim Hoke, Viktor Kraus,
and a host of others in one gigantic mashup. Enjoy!
Skip to around 45 seconds to hear some incredible players!

Watch the video for “Society’s Child.”