Janis Ian - Holiday Bus

Website Sale Ends January 2nd

Reminder: my website sale ends early evening of January 2! Prices slashed to continue moving CDs we ordered for the tour that had to be canceled, and to give all of us a little financial break. Come enjoy free downloads, CDs as low as $7.99 (and a bundle of the audiophile re-issued Between the Lines along with Light), album downloads as low as FREE and $7.95, and stupidly low prices on all sheet music.

Visit the store now while these prices still apply.

Enjoy, and have a great New Year!

Gracie Mae and Between The Lines

A Year Of Change

Big sale running now in the official Janis Ian Store until December 20th!

To say I’ve been up and down lately would be a radical understatement, so I’m just going to tackle what’s been happening one item at a time.

Most important, we are well. Gracie Mae continues to whirligig any time she thinks there’s a treat available. Pat continues to spend mornings on the porch, reading the papers and defining the temperature by “It’s a one hoodie, two hoodie, or three hoodie morning”.

As for myself, well… you may already know that I had to cancel the remainder of my North American shows, as well as all planned overseas appearances. I planned to finish my touring life with a series of shows in Ireland, culminating on May 31st in Dublin, where I’d be joined onstage by a host of colleagues. The whole show would be filmed for an upcoming documentary of my life and work. After that, I would do the occasional special event, sing on other peoples’ records, and concentrate on writing prose.

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