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  • Janis Ian, Elton John, Sandy Toskvig with other performers after playing The Royal Albert Hall
  • Janis Ian & Ani Difranco recording 'Searching for America' - photo by Pat Snyder
  • Janis Ian & Odetta hugging
  • Janis & producer Takahiro Maeda in Japan
  • Janis Ian & Willie Nelson after recording 'Memphis'
  • Janis Ian & John Gorka backstage at Falcon Ridge
  • Janis Ian & Patty Larkin backstage at Falcon Ridge
  • Janis Ian with Patty Larkin & radio personality Gene Shay backstage at Falcon Ridge
  • Janis Ian & Vance Gilbert backstage at Falcon Ridge
  • Janis Ian & Vance Gilbert backstage at Falcon Ridge
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  • Next to last Pearl Foundation auction begins 7pm EDT Oct. 12!

    Pass it on please!!! We will be holding just two more auctions for the Pearl Foundation. Ever. This is it. Everything else is going to my archives. Even if you're not interested in my personal laminates (including from the Royal Albert with Elton John), or one-of-a-kind beadwork items by Mercedes Lackey, or the dress I bought my mom to wear to the Grammys, a vodka bottle signed by Tito himself... well, my descriptions still make for some interesting reading!
    Start: 7pm EDT tonight, Tuesday October 12. End: 7pm EDT Sunday October 17.
    Remember - every cent you spend after minimal eBay fees goes directly to the Pearl Foundation, an IRS-certified charitable organization. Because of people like you, we've managed to endow more than $1,250,000.00 in scholarships for returning students! For more information, go to https://thepearlfoundation.org/. Thanks for bidding, thanks for sharing.

    Yes, starts today, Oct 12 at 7PM Eastern and
    ends Sunday, Oct 17 at 7PM Eastern


    Store link https://www.ebay.com/str/thepearlfoundation
  • What?! Another auction, you ask? And Janis is still not making any money from it? Well, thank you Covid-19.

    What?! Another auction, you ask? And Janis is still not making any money from it? Well, thank you Covid-19. Out of concern for everyone's safety, my tour was moved from 2020 to 2021, and then, to 2022, which will be my final North American tour. Since 100% of the money from merchandise sales went directly to the Pearl Foundation, it's a big loss for our little charity, and that many more students we won't be able to help. So I'm putting personal items from my archives up for sale, in the hope of making up a bit of the deficit. This time, there's the top I wore in my final Lincoln Center show, old All-Access Backstage Laminates, the one remaining T-shirt and DVD from my Hilton Head Living Room Concert, and a few other things. Come early, stay late, and remember that every dime after eBay fees goes to fund scholarships! https://www.ebay.com/str/thepearlfoundation

    You can see our tax returns and everything else about the Foundation at https://thepearlfoundation.org. Thanks in advance, Facebook people. PLEASE SHARE!

  • Ebay Auction To Benefit The Pearl Foundation

    Please share!! As many of you know, my wife and I moved recently, downsizing from 4,500 sq ft to 1,000. We have no room left for most of my "stuff"!!! so I'm in the process of donating my archives, so most of my memorabilia is going there - however, my friend Joan Maute helped me select things that seemed appropriate for Pearl Foundation fundraisers. We are beginning with a 7-day auction with multiple items. This auction will end Sunday, May 16th at 4:00PM PT.

    Hopefully, the items we'll be listing over the next few months can bring in a goodly amount for the Foundation, which has already endowed more than $1,250,000.00 in scholarships for returning students! You can read more at the Pearl Foundation website.

  • Pearl Foundation Update

    Astonished and grateful to say that the Pearl Foundation has donated $44,000 in scholarship endowments for the year 2020, bringing our grand total to $1,235,500.00 in scholarship funding, with more than 75 graduates to date. Thank you all for your support!

  • New Album Hope Now Available!

    Hope, a collection of 12 pieces from the Janis Ian Archives, ranging from 1976 to 2011, is now available exclusively in the Janis Ian Store. On sale as a digital album only, most of these tracks have never been heard before. Visit the store for more information and download options!! Hope will be available at other online stores and streaming services sometime after the new year.

  • IRS Grants Full Public Status To The Pearl Foundation

    As some of you know, the Pearl Foundation began as a "private charity" because it was endowed solely by Janis and her wife Pat. As more people like yourselves contributed, we were able to apply for full public status. We began the process as soon as legally possible, and after years of rigorous oversight and specialized tax consultants (paid for by Janis), we have been granted full public status! The Foundation has received Platinum Status with GuideStar, and we are applyig to Amazon Smile & Charity Navigator (who would not accept us during the "provisional" period, even though per the IRS we were to be regarded as a fully public charity.) Thank you all for your support during this complicated process.  

    To contribute and read more please visit the Pearl Foundation website.

  • The Better Times Project has a new, dedicated website!

    The Better Times Project has a new home. When this project first started, back in April, there were just a handful of artists contributing. Now there are almost 150. As the project began to grow the decision was made to create a new website for everything. We hope you like the new home. You can listen to all of the different versions of "Better Times Will Come" and watch all the videos. You can also download the songs, sheet music, lyrics, coloring pages and more. Visit the new site and let us know what you think.

  • TFT-TV Presents Janis Ian!

    Please join me this Wednesday, Oct. 14, at 8:30 p.m. EDT (live in all corresponding time zones) when TFT-TV Presents Janis Ian! (That would be me….) AND - I will be on line to join in a real-time chat during the YouTube Premier! Join me at the Tales From the Tavern YouTube channel.

    The concert footage was recorded live in Santa Ynez, California in 2015; the interview is from 2013, just two weeks after I won that totally unexpected Grammy for my autobiography. (Which of course you can purchase from my own website store.) The program includes songs, stories from the stage and backstage interview. 

    The program is free; donations are appreciated, with all proceeds being split between these nonprofits:

    The Pearl Foundation, dedicated to helping older students return to school.

    Artist Advocacy Foundation, created to help artists who’ve lost their livelihoods due to Covid-19.

  • Janis Ian Announces Wearables & More

    From Janis: As many of you know, for years my touring and website merchandise sales have gone to the Pearl Foundation. Along with your generous support, those funds have enabled us to continue working with Berea College, Warren Wilson College, and Goddard College. We've endowed over a million dollars in scholarships for returning students, and helped close to 100 people reach their dream of graduating.

    Earlier this year, in order to protect myself and my fans, I postponed all touring and teaching engagements until summer/fall of next year (2021). I also postponed all Living Room Concerts, which are normally a big source of income for the Foundation. As a result, merchandise sales are close to non-existent, and we're going to fall far from the kind of donations we've been able to make these past decades.

    The schools themselves are suffering financially as they try to figure out how to resume normal activity in these completely abnormal times. I firmly believe education is the answer to many of our problems, so in order to try and make up some of the shortfall, I've partnered with Hogan Made, a small Tampa-based business that's offered to create T-shirts, masks, pillows, and whatever else we can come up with, using quotes from my songs and prose.

    Janis Ian - Wearables & More - Hogan Made

    In turn, Hogan Made will be sending a full third of every cent you spend on these items (not including postage of course) directly to the Pearl Foundation. So if you spend $24.00 on something, the Pearl Foundation will receive $8.00. That's 100% of my share - I'm making nothing, Hogan Made are covering their material and labor costs. Nobody's getting rich here!

    Eight dollars may not sound like a lot, but when you multiply it by hundreds, it adds up – just as the donations you send in for a dollar here and there add up.

    Meghan Hogan and I have been working for the past month on designs, colors, items, with more of all coming eventually. For right now, we're concentrating on a few things with just one quote we both feel pertinent to the times: "Dialogue, not diatribe".

    Of course, my name's on all the products, so please don't mention to my wife that those hours I spend in front of the bathroom mirror are actually me modelling my shirts and masks, thinking "How fabulously cool am I?!" I've worn mine a lot this past month, so I can promise they're soft, colorful, and so far haven't faded or shrunk. After seven or eight washings, as sloppily as I do laundry, that's saying a lot.

    To kick this effort off with a bang, for the month of August Hogan Made are giving away a free 3-ply custom face mask with every T-shirt order! You can purchase any of the items by going to Janis Ian - Wearables & More. Feel free to send feedback, visit their Facebook page and their Instagram account - and know that you're not only helping the Pearl Foundation. You're also helping a small business get through these trying times.

    More to come, including (hopefully) Gracie Mae-approved apparel for dogs and cats!


  • New Free Downloads

    A live-in-concert version of "At 17" is available for FREE DOWNLOAD at the Janis Ian Store. It's also available on YouTube. Feel free to share this information, and take advantage of all the other free downloads on my personal website!

    Special thanks to Sony ATV Japan, Eriko Nitta, Sony ATV, and Esther Friedman for making this possible.

    For those of you wondering why my "store" is putting up so many free downloads, it's because my co-writers, co-publishers, and I realize that during troubled times, music is often what separates us from chaos, whether internal or external. Please, let your friends know about the store page, and that we'll be putting up more free material as often as time (and my wallet) permit. Our goal is weekly. Take advantage of it, please, and enjoy!

  • In light of the present circumstance...

    For almost a year, my friend Jeff and I have been working on five download projects we intended to post on my birthday, April 7 - live shows spanning 1967 to 1980, plus two videos, one that's been out-of-print for decades and a living room concert I did last year. All the money from these projects would go to the Pearl Foundation.

    However, we've decided to do something different for right now. People are feeling isolated, many of you aren't used to staying home all day, and it's too easy to let thoughts become circular, fall into depression, and feel completely out of control. We all need things to interrupt that cycle, and I can't think of a thing better than music to do so.

    In that spirit, I'm going to start making free downloads of things we'd ordinarily charge for available, DRM-free, and encourage you to use them, share them, enjoy them. You can find the current crop here.

    We've even put up "The Tiny Mouse" for those of you with bored children stuck at home. I can't offer the book for free (or even mail it out right now), but there's a song, sheet music, lyrics, and a poster you can print out.

    Please feel free to pass the URL on to your friends. We'll try to do this regularly, as time and circumstances permit.

  • Pearl Foundation eBay site opens at 8pm EST!

    We are re-opening our Pearl Foundation eBay auction site, and at 8pm EST tonight (Sunday), you can bid on a few things - 100% of your money goes to the Foundation! So far we've endowed more than $1,190,000 in scholarships for returning students (yes, that's "endowed" as in "given the school", not "gone overseas and pretended it was a meeting when it was actually a vacation".) Go to https://ebay.com/str/thepearlfoundation to bid on my lab coat from "Getting On", a really warm thermal jacket (same - they're given to crew and cast, it's a big deal), and several other items. If you want more information about the Pearl Foundation, visit the website.

    And of course, you can download the song I wrote for Laurie Metcalf and Alex Borstein here.


  • Resist now available as a free download!

    Visit here to watch a video of “Resist” and download a free mp3 and lyric! Janis is encouraging fans and friends to sing along with this song when she presents it at live shows, so get ready!! There are many, many other free items available for download here as well.

    Meanwhile, we also recommend visiting her Facebook page for more “Conversations With My Wife” and stormy discussions about politics, quantizing, and the denigration of the American ideal into petty nonsense on all sides. If you love this free stuff, consider a donation to the Pearl Foundation, too!

  • New Message From Janis in the Website Newsroom

    It was another good year for the Pearl Foundation, so thanks to everyone who bought merchandise, attended shows, held a Living Room Concert, visited our re-opened eBay Store, or just plain donated a buck or two in thanks for the free downloads! I’ll be publishing a final report on my Facebook page and the forum, but as of this moment we are adding $75,000 to our scholarship endowments, bringing the grand total up to $1,191,250.00 – a whole lot more than Michael Camp (who wrote the code for our first Internet auction), my wife (who made out 300+ shipping labels), and myself (who had the brilliant idea to take up months of our time raising funds back in 1998) every dreamed we could raise.

    Go here for the entire news update from Janis!

  • The Great Divide now available as a free download!

    Janis has made her song "The Great Divide" available, free, along with free sheet music and lyric. Along with this we also recommend visiting her Facebook page for more "Conversations With My Wife" and stormy discussions of politics, quantizing, auto-tuning, and the denigration of the American ideal into petty nonsense on all sides. If you love this free stuff, consider an end-year donation to The Pearl Foundation, too!!

  • Annual Website Sale

    Personalized cards, as well as most everything else in the store, are on sale now! As always, all proceeds from the sale will go to the Pearl Foundation, so jump on over to the store now. This sale will end on Monday, December 23 at 11:00AM (EST). Find more information in the current newsletter.

  • 2020 Tour Dates!

    Janis has decided she'd like to keep trying out newer songs with a live audience, so we'll be anncoung new tour dates in the next week! We can't list particulars for anything not absolutely confirmed, but 2020 will see her in these areas: Cincinnati, Akron, Bloomington IL, Asheville N.C. for 5 weeks at the Swannanoa Gathering, Old Saybrook, Newton NJ, Alexandria & Richmond VA, Turner & Rockport MA, the Seattle area, and Vancouver BC (finally!). 
    Stay tuned, join the RSS feed, be a Roadie-For-A-Day, and hope you'll join her for a great evening one of these nights!!

  • My Eternity In Facebook Jail

    Let me say this at the outset. I am not one of those people who spend all day on Facebook. I don't have it on my phone. I don't carry it with me. I do check it every morning, though, because my page is a very active page, with a lot of trolls that need to regularly be smacked over the head.

    My page is the only one I know of that actually has requests for civility and no profanity at the top. It's also one of the few "celebrity pages" that's actually monitored by the person in question. (That would be me.) I have two emergency moderators, both family, who can step in if I'm unable to, but that's only happened a few times.

    Each time, I was put in Facebook Jail. And each time until now, I allowed it to upset me.

    The first was March 2014, when I published a photo of a bunch of skinheads who were planning to march in Whitefish, Montana. The meme urged veterans to gather peacefully and protest the march, but one of the skinheads pictured had a swastika tattooed on his head. Bang. I was blocked for going against community standards. I was only reinstated because a friend who works at another tech company reached out to friends at Facebook, and they actually looked at what I'd posted and determined they'd been in error. I eventually received an apology and reinstatement.

    Read the entire article.

  • Strictly Solo now available on line!

    Done in a small home studio with my friend Randy Leago (arranger of The Tiny Mouse, amazing utility player, currently on tour with the Beach Boys). No edits. No re-takes. Completely solo, just me and a guitar. 

  • Final summer shows added

    Two solo evenings at The Kate, Old Saybrook CT, will round out Janis' summer. After eight dates with old friend Livingston Taylor, expect these "Janis only" evenings to include several new songs, as well as her wonderful personal stories and a possible Q&A!

  • Cards on sale for Valentine's!

    Yes, the personalized cards are on sale for Valentine's Day, though you can order them for any occasion at this special discounted price. Be sure to read the description carefully, and remember - Janis is happy to create a very personalized card! In the past few months she's sent everything from congratulations on a 90th birthday to various condolences to "How are the goats?" (seriously) and "I know you hate school, so did I, but still..."
    Enjoy this sale, because the cards won't be discounted again for a long time!

  • Historic Interview and Performance on WNYC

    Here's a recently unearthed interview by Dave Sear with Janis, age 16, from WNYC's Adventures in Folk Music radio New York! Recorded on December 7, 1967.

    Also includes five songs:

    1. Younger Generation Blues
    2. Society's Child
    3. I'll Give You A Stone If You'll Throw It (Changing Tymes)
    4. (Too Old To) Go 'Way Little Girl
    5. Beep Beep Song


  • Annual Pearl Foundation donation amounts now set!

    We’ve been going through the Pearl Foundation books, and can now confidently say that the Foundaton will be increasing its endowed scholarship funds by a total of $72,000 this year, bringing the total in monies given to Pearl Foundation Scholarship Endowment Funds to $1,116,250.00!!!!!

    Thanks to everyone who’s purchased merchandise on line and at shows, sent donations, bought jewelry, held Living Room Concerts, played Roadie-For-A-Day, and helped us to continue funding scholarships for returning students.

    As per usual, the only cost the Foundation will be paying is the cost of tax preparation and a tax consultant who double-checks that everything we’re doing is correct, and transparent.

    For more information, visit the Pearl Foundation website and check our tax returns!

  • Just about finished booking 2019 tour dates!

    As you know, Janis has ramped down her touring considerably, from a high of 250 shows in 9 different countries one year, to only four appearances a couple of years ago. 2018 saw her headlining the UK’s Cambridge Folk Festival alongside friends like John Prine and Rhiannon Giddens; 2019 will see a few Northeastern dates, a Utah “in residence”, and more co-bills with long-time colleague Livingston Taylor.

    We have two East Coast slots still in negotiation; otherwise, so far as we know, that’s it for the year. She intends to continue with a smaller touring schedule (“touring for the pleasure of it, and to keep my hand in”), and concentrate more on her writing. Or, as she puts it, “I have a smaller career, and a bigger life.” See all tour dates on the website tour page!

    If you're looking for the ultimate Janis Ian concert, you might want to consider booking one of her "Living Room Concerts," where you can host Janis and a small group of friends in the intimacy of your own home! These special concerts are on sale right now. Remember, all money raised by the Living Room Concerts benefits the Pearl Foundation.

  • Sale Ending Soon! Cards Will Remain Discounted.

    The small website sale currently in progress in the Janis Ian Store will officially end on Tuesday, December 18th at midnight (EST). For the next few days you can still get great discounts on some of our best selling CDs, downloads and more. However, we will continue to offer steep discounts on one of our most popular items, the Personalized Cards, until January 2nd. So, don't delay, head on over to the store and pick up some holiday gifts while you still have time. 

  • Jewelery Sale At Heritage Auction 

    Pat and I are “down-sizing” in a serious way. To that end, I’m parting with most of my jewelry, including pieces I wore on the covers of albums and on tour. Higher-end items are being handled by Heritage Auctions. To start (because there’s a lot more coming over the next months, including jewelry I wore on tour and photo shoots, and the diamond/sapphire ring I wore to accept my first Grammy) we’re offering these:

    • The diamond drop earrings I wore on the Stars album cover (back story is on my website).

    • The necklace that went with them, worn when I accepted my first Grammy, and on the Janis Ian II album cover.

    If you visit this link to the Heritage Auction website you'll see what's currently being sold. As items become available, you can either create a wantlist, or go back to the main site and search for my name under ‘All categories.’ *Please note that this auction will end at the beginning of December.

  • Small Sale!

    We’re holding a small website sale for the Pearl Foundation, from Sunday, November 11th at 9:00AM (EST) to Tuesday, December 18th at midnight (EST).

    Yes, it’s a long sale, primarily because we’re offering steep discounts on personalized cards, and last time I got frantic last-minute emails from people wanting everything from Thanksgiving to New Year’s cards for relatives, friends, and animals. (I did have a good time writing to a pet rabbit!)

    We’re also offering the Strictly Solo CD, along with steep discounts on my Grammy-winning autobiography audio book, CD’s of Breaking Silence and Revenge. AND Living Room Concerts are discounted by a third! (Please check the tour schedule to see if there is availability for a Pearl Lunch or Living Room Concert in your area!)

    Please visit the store after 9:00AM (EST) on Sunday, November 11th to take advange of the special pricing on these items. Remember, everything you purchase benefits the Pearl Foundation.

  • Free Download Of "Heart Of A City"

    For a limited time one of Janis' most requested songs, "Heart Of A City," will be available as a free download in the store. Visit the store to download the free MP3 file.

  • Christmas In August Sale A Big Success!

    The Pearl Foundation sale is over, and I'm enormously pleased to report that we raised over $27,000 in just a week.

    Thank you all for the tremendous support!

    Special thanks to Lloyd and Nadine Baggs, along with Jim and Janet D'Addario and their family, for all the support.

    Remember all products purchased at the store benefit the Pearl Foundation, every day of the year. So, if you missed the sale you can still head on over to the store, buy some cool stuff and do your part to contribute to such a great cause.

    You can also make donations directly to the Pearl Foundation through our store as well.



  • New story from Janis!

    Janis has a new story, "His Sweat Like Stars On The Rio Grande," in a new anthology called Welcome to Dystopia, edited by Gordon Van Gelder! 45 new stories by luminaries like Jane Yolen, Harry Turtledove, and Ray VukcevichThe book is described as a "diverse and vigorous mix of stories by newcomers and luminaries, where writers offer their takes on what life might hold for us in the next few years." Available now in Kindle format at Amazon and Amazon UK; a paperback version can be ordered directly from the publisher, OR Books.

  • New Download of "Perfect Little Girl"

    The new song "Perfect Little Girl" is now available as a download! You can purchase it in the Store. Enjoy!

  • Celebrating The Swannanoa Gathering!

    Janis has just returned from The Swannanoa Gathering in Asheville, NC, and we're providing her song "Swannanoa" as a free download. Visit Free Downloads for this and many other songs!

    Find lyrics and lyrics with chords in the Listening Room.

    Free sheet music is in the store.

    You can also listen to the song on Soundcloud.

  • On Sale!: Bright Lights & Promises: Redefining Janis Ian by Sarah Partridge

    We're so enamored with this new CD we've put it on sale in the store! A brilliant take on Janis' work, seen through the lens of a highly regarded jazz vocalist and her stunning band. Janis' jazz roots go back to her mother's love of Nina Simone, and musicians like Richard Davis and Chick Corea, who've played with her over the years. She even made the cover of Downbeat! Magazine when she was just sixteen years old!

  • Latest Huffington Post article!

    The article muses on what went wrong with Whole Foods, and what is right with Trader Joe's.

  • Watch The New "1776" Video

    Christine Lavin has created a video for Janis' new song, "1776." You can view it on Janis' website in the Viewing Room, on YouTube or on Janis' Facebook page. You can also download the song from the Free Downloads page.

    Honoring our country's return to the dark ages, we hope this video will enlighten you!

  • Janis Releases New Song, "1776"

    Janis has released a new song, "1776," in honor of, well, 1776. We've made it available as a free download! Visit the downloads page to download. The lyrics are also available in the lyrics section.

  • I Will Not Get Over It!

    Janis' response to those who told her to "Get over it" and "Suck it up" after the election went viral, reaching 15 million unique readers and gaining her a contributing journalist's status at the Huffington Post. Read it now in the Reading Room.

  • We're holding a quick sale!

    Sale will end February 28, so be there or be square.

  • Janis is now a Huffington Post contributor! 

    Please check "HuffPO" for two recent articles by Janis!
    Thank you for not uttering the word "Jew", Mr. President
    Don't Tell Me To Get Over It

    A free download of "Tattoo" is available here.

  • Free Download of "Guess You Had To Be There"

    Free download, you're welcome to share it. Visit the "Free Downloads Page."

    Buddy Mondlock and I wrote this some years back, but it sure is applicable now. My first "big show" was in Chicago, with Barbara Dane and the SNCC Freedom Singers, among others. My parents ran a summer camp; Pete Seeger was one of our music counselors, along with Bernice Johnson Reagon. A group called The Minutemen planted bombs in the 6-year-old's section one year because they didn't like blacks and whites mixing. I grew up in a family of conscience, and I'm grateful for them every day.

  • Pearl Foundation 2016 Endowments

    As always this time of year, I am thrilled to post these Pearl Foundation checks and letters, totaling $74,000 in 2016 endowments and bringing our "lifetime total" to $983,000 in scholarships for returning students.

    Thank you, everyone who purchased merchandise from my website, held a living room concert, and donated some amount in return for all the free items we offer!! Couldn't have done it without you...

    You can view the checks and documents with these links:

    Warren Wilson 

  • Pearl Foundation Update

    I am thrilled to announce that next week our little Pearl Foundation will be donating $74,000 to endow four scholarships at Goddard, Berea, and Warren Wilson Colleges!

    As of 2016 year-end, we will have donated a total of $983,000 in scholarship endowments for returning students - and it's all thanks to people like you!!!

    You can read about us and see our tax returns at the Pearl Foundation Website.

  • December Store Sale!

    In the  hope of raising a bit more money for the Pearl Foundation as we close out the year, we are holding a small sale!!!

    Sadly, no personalization is possible - but prices are still super low. We'll run it through December 17th - enjoy!

    Visit the store.

  • Early Christmas Sale A Success!

    The Pearl Foundation sale is over, and I'm enormously pleased to report that we raised a little over $14,000 in just a week! I think (I hope) that means we'll hit the $950,000 mark at the end of the year, and be able to distribute a decent amount to each scholarship we're currently funding.

    The new Shopify site appears to be an across-the-board success, both for you and for my team. A few minor glitches went mostly unnoticed. (For instance, we didn't know how to mark something "out of stock" instead of "unavailable", so several people received packages with Breaking Silence a few days later than they thought.)

    When we first went up, the morning of the sale, Shopify was automatically sending out notes saying "Thank you, your item has been shipped!" and we were getting confused queries like "Wow. How did you get my order to ship on a Sunday?" Given the amount of things that could have gone wrong with migrating more than 200 items from one site to another, we count ourselves lucky.

    Huge kudos go to webmaster Steve Wilkison for the months he spent preparing and transitioning. Kudos also to assistant Shaun Varsos, who spent a week of 12 hour days putting up items, cross checking, and then doing the post office runs. And as always, thanks to my wife Pat, who took care of downloading, checking, and printing each and every order that came in.

    We're going to do a small pre-holiday sale (no autographing, sorry, just low prices!), and then, hopefully, go back to the old annual "Christmas in August" as of next year.

    Meanwhile, thank you all for the tremendous support!!!



  • Pearl Foundation sale hits $10,000!

    Thanks to all of you, by the third day our sale passed $10,000. We have run out of Breaking Silence (more will arrive Wednesday), the big specials are going gung-ho (phone calls and lunches with Janis, hand written lyrics), and the D'Addario Musician's Box is finally moving. Thank you one and all!!

  • Our "Early Christmas" Sale Is Happening Now! 

    Our "Early Christmas" benefit sale begins Saturday, October 15th at 6:00AM (CST)! It will last for one week, closing on Saturday, October 22nd at 6:00PM (CST).

    We've a brand new, much improved store and tons of new items (Breaking Silence CD's, album downloads, D'Addario Musician's Boxes, and much more).

    Deep, deep discounts store-wide, and remember - every cent you spend during the sale goes to The Pearl Foundation!

    Many of the items available right now are ONLY available during our annual sale! You won't find them in our store at any other time. This is your one and only chance to pick them up until this time again next year.

    Here's just a sample of some of the great "exclusive" items you'll find in the store during the sale. Hurry, because many of these are limited in quanity!

    Strictly Solo CD
    "The Works" CD Set
    "The Works" Audiobook Edition
    "The Works" Life Set
    "The Works" Japanese "Blue Spec CD" Blu-ray Set
    "The Works Unreleased" Combo
    Live From Grand Center DVD
    D'Addario Musician's Box
    Naked Folk Calendar
    Rare CD Set
    Rare DVD Set
    Stella Adler DVD Set
    Laminate Set
    Stars Audiobook and Hardback Combo
    Patience & Sarah Audiobook and Paperback Combo
    An Evening at Doudna DVD
    Shout, Sister, Shout! CD

    Start shopping now at our new store!

  • "Early Christmas" benefit sale begins Saturday, October 15th!

    Our store is temporarily closed so we can organize our annual "Early Christmas" benefit sale!

    We'll re-open Saturday, October 15 at 6 am CST with a brand new, much improved store and tons of new items (Breaking Silence CD's, album downloads, D'Addario Musician's Boxes, and much more).

    Deep, deep discounts store-wide, and remember - every cent you spend during the sale goes to The Pearl Foundation, so check back with us then!!!

  • Godzilla Haiku Needed!

    We are looking for Godzilla haiku to post on Janis' Facebook page!

    FORMAT: 3 lines, 5-7-5 syllables.

    SUBJECT: Godzilla, ancillary "monsters" OR just a haiku.

    STYLE: Either Japanese-style haiku à la Basho, or haiku using fractured English ("Janglish").

    EXAMPLE: Godzilla must go/so you cannot see the depth/of his loneliness (by SamuraiFrog).

    ALSO: Make sure to let us know how you want to be credited.

    MISC: You do not have to lay the text into a photo; we can do that for you. However, if you feel like it, by all means.

    SUBMIT TO: judy@janisian.com

  • Free download of "Swannanoa."

    A new song, in honor of the Swannanoa Gathering's 25th anniversary!

    Says Janis: "A writer is always influenced by what she hears around her. This will be my third visit to Swannanoa Gathering. There's something lonesome in the air, some sense of longing in the hills, that always strikes me when I arrive - and pains me when I leave."

    Visit the Free Downloads page to download this song and many others.

    You can also listen to the song on Soundcloud.

    Find lyrics in the Listening Room.

  • Items On Sale

    We just put 3 double-CD sets on sale in the Janis Ian Shopping Mall! Best of Janis Ian, Remember: Live '77, and Working Without A Net are all on sale right now at very low prices. AND we found a box of the DVD Live From Grand Center, so that's on sale too! Of course, the poetry audio book, Who Really Cares is also on sale.

  • Who Really Cares Audiobook Now Available!

    On sale right now in the Shopping Mall. Originally published in 1969, Who Really Cares began as a collection of the poems Janis had been writing since the age of seven. The book was later expanded with 10 previously unpublished poems that had been rejected by the original publisher, and a new poem. Janis took the opportunity afforded by her winning a Spoken Word Grammy to create this audiobook.

    Janis: "I was always a little embarrassed at having a book of my 'poetry' out, especially because I was just fifteen, when everything is embarrassing.... Also, I'm a songwriter, not a poet. They're very different disciplines. I love the work of Diane Wakoski, Wallace Stevens, T. S. Eliot - to me, those are real poets.

    "But the fact that it stayed in print 45+ years, and that many of my music fans drew a direct line from my early efforts at poetry to my later work as a songwriter, kept it in the back of my mind.

    "I love narrating, so it was natural that I begin wondering whether this poetry could be made into an interesting audiobook. Once Jorge Reyes and I got into the studio, we started fooling with additional commentary before the poems, then added some keyboard underscoring. By the time we were done, I was thinking 'By gosh, this is so much better than I thought it could be!'

    "As a side-note, I recently discovered Johnny Cash kept a well-thumbed copy of the original book in his personal library. Who am I to argue with Johnny Cash?!"

    Who Really Cares is on sale right now in the Shopping Mall.

  • Free download of "Danger, Danger."

    From Janis: In light of current events, I thought this was particularly apt.

    "Danger, Danger" from the critically acclaimed album Folk Is The New Black is now available as a free download right here on the Janis Ian website. Visit the Free Downloads page to download this song and many others.

  • Janis enters into a partnership with Sony UK!

    Janis Ian and her independent label, Rude Girl Records, are pleased to announce a partnership with the Legacy Division of Sony Music UK. The planned releases of fifteen albums, spanning more than 40 years of music, will include expanded reissues on CD and audiophile vinyl, new collections with previously unheard early versions of some of the most popular songs (including original demos and worktapes), and an immediate digital rollout of the original albums.

    From Janis: “When I began recording in the 60s, at the age of fourteen, record companies still offered a ‘home’ to the artists they signed. Elektra was home to Phil Ochs. Vanguard was home to Joan Baez. And Columbia was home to many of the artists I admired most - Bob Dylan, Louis Armstrong, Johnny Cash. So when I was signed by them in the early 70s, it was already a "coming home" of sorts. I stayed there for a decade, then struck out on my own as an independent artist, with no hard feelings on either side. Some thirty-plus years later, I'm thrilled to bring the work I did then, and the work I’ve done since, back home. Although the company is now called Sony Music, I still have that same feeling I had at fourteen, looking at the backs of album covers and dreaming of a day when I could be part of that roster, too.”

    From Sony: US singer songwriter Janis Ian’s distinguished career will be celebrated on Monday, May 30th with the digital release of 15 studio albums via the Legacy Division of Sony Music UK.

    Janis Ian’s five-decade career is an extraordinary one. Its commercial starting point commenced exactly 50 years ago in 1966 when, aged 14, she recorded her first self-penned hit, the controversial and taboo breaking ‘Society’s Child’, and released a stunning self titled debut album which introduced the world to this very gifted songwriter. Titled Janis Ian, the album garnered the first of Ian’s ten Grammy nominations.

    What has followed since then is an absorbing story that has seen Janis Ian create a number of classic recordings including Between The Lines, Stars, and Rolling Stone favorite Hunger; publish several books including her acclaimed autobiography (whose audiobook won her a third Grammy, in competition with former President Bill Clinton, First Lady Michelle Obama, Rachel Maddow, and Ellen Degeneres); collaborate with Dolly Parton, Mel Torme, Sulo Karlsson, Giorgio Moroder and Willie Nelson; and have her songs covered by artists as diverse as Nina Simone, John Mellencamp, and Celine Dion.

    Always one to follow her heart and her beliefs, Janis was one of the first celebrities to come out publicly. She and her partner were married in Canada in 2003, the only place where same-sex marriage was legal at the time (2016 marks their 27th year together).

    The 15 albums span Janis’ Columbia Records tenure from 1974-81, and her career thereafter until 2006. They are the first releases in what will be an extensive reissue series, including physical expanded editions of some of Janis’ best-loved albums on both CD and vinyl, as well as new collections, due for release in early 2017. These releases will be overseen by Grammy-award winning musician/producer, Steve Berkowitz. The originality and quality of Janis Ian’s songwriting and pristine vocal characterize these albums; she is an exceptional storyteller and songs such as “At Seventeen”, “Jesse”, “Fly Too High”, “I Hear You Sing Again”, and “Ride Me Like a Wave” are perfect examples of her musical prowess.

    Janis Ian has come a long way since first performing publicly in Greenwich Village at the age of 13. Today she resides in Nashville, Tennessee, her home since 1988, where she’s currently working on several books as both writer and narrator, celebrating the upcoming release of her 1968 book of poetry (Who Really Cares) in audiobook format, and as always, writing songs.

    Phil Savill, Managing Director of Sony Music Commercial Group says, “We are delighted to be representing 15 titles from Janis’ incredible catalogue. Janis is a rare talent, whose stellar songwriting has afforded her a deservedly long and successful career, which continues to this day. Her live performances are as truthful and mesmerising as they ever have been. We are thrilled to welcome Janis back into the Sony Music family and feel honoured at the UK Legacy Division to working with her rich musical heritage.”

    Janis Ian’s catalogue is available now on iTunes.

    Janis Ian Albums included under Sony Music UK Auspices:
    Stars (1974)
    Between The Lines (1975)
    Aftertones (1976)
    Miracle Row (1977)
    Janis Ian II (1978)
    Remember – Live In Japan & Australia (1978)
    Night Rains (1979)
    Restless Eyes (1981)
    Uncle Wonderful (1983)
    Revenge (1995)
    Hunger (1997)
    Janis Ian Live: Working Without A Net (2003)
    Billie’s Bones (2004)
    Folk Is The New Black (2006)
    Best of Janis Ian (2008)

  • New Audiobook: Course Correction

    Course Correction, the new book by Olympic silver medalist Ginny Gilder, is available today at libro.fm as an audiobook narrated by Janis Ian. Described as Wild meets The Boys in the Boat, Course Correction is a memoir about the quest for Olympic gold and the triumph of love over fear.

    Course Correction recounts the physical and psychological barriers Ginny overcame as she transformed into an elite athlete who reached the highest echelon of her sport. Taking place against the backdrop of unprecedented cultural change, Ginny’s story personalizes the impact of Title IX, demonstrating the life-changing lessons learned in sports far beyond the athletic fields of play. Her journey wends its way to the Olympic podium in 1984, carries her through family tragedy, strengthens her to face her own demons and truths, and ultimately frees her to live her life despite her persistent fear of loss.

  • Our Forums are back!

    Yes, the website forums were down for a short time while we upgraded the software, but we're back up with better security and the same great group of users. The new forums are much more mobile friendly as well, for those of you that are using phones and tablets. Come log into your account and pick up your threads, or register (and hope you pass the tests!) to join any of our three forums for civil discussion, news, and information.

  • Free Download! "I'm Still Standing"

    For a limited time "I'm Still Standing" is available in the Shopping Mall as a free MP3 download. Go grab it now, as it won't be free for long!

    "I'm Still Standing" is only available on the 2014 CD Strictly Solo, which can only be purchased at one of Janis' live shows. Strictly Solo is a completely solo album, with no overdubs, culled from live shows, special projects, and three days in the studio in Nashville.

  • Kirinyaga: A Fable of Utopia

    Janis' first audio book project after her Grammy nominated Patience and Sarah is, yet again, one-of-a-kind.

    "When I first read Mike Resnick's short story 'For I Have Touched the Sky', which became part of this collection, it blew me away. It touched me as a woman, as an artist, as a member of a society that often refused to understand my own thirst for knowledge. It's how Mike and I originally connected, when I sent him a fan letter about the book.

    "Years later, Mike and I were sitting around at a science fiction convention, and I started telling him again how strongly I felt about Kirinyaga, how much I wished I'd been the one to narrate it. And Mike looked at me and said, 'Why don't you?'

    "My immediate response was 'Because it's told in the first person by a male Kenyan shaman, and I am a white female from New Jersey.' But the more we talked about it, the more excited we both got at the thought of giving the audio book a second life. And now, with the success of Hamilton and other art works crossing race and gender, Mike's original enthusiasm and go-ahead seem almost prescient to me. Koriba's love of his lineage, his country, the respect he has for every aspect of his culture, are incredibly moving. Whether you agree with them or not, they spring from a place of truth within him."

    Amazon.com: Hailed for his grandeur of imagination and superb worldbuilding, winner of and nominee for more than 50 awards for his outstanding work, Mike Resnick has rightfully won a place as one of science fiction's master storytellers. Now, in Kirinyaga, Resnick presents the haunting and utterly compelling tale of one man's utopia. Deeply moving, swiftly paced, and profound in its implications.

    Kirinyaga is available on April 5th but you can pre-order it right now in the Shopping Mall.

  • Between The Lines Available Again!

    Glad to say Between the Lines is available once again, both as a stand-alone CD and the DMG version with a bonus live concert DVD - as is the audiobook of Stars!!

    Produced by Brooks Arthur, recorded at 914 Studios summer 1974, released February 1975 (Columbia). 5 Grammy nominations (most to that date for any female artist, a record broken only by Whitney Houston years later) and two Grammys: "Album of the Year - Between the Lines", "Best Pop Vocal Performance, Female - At Seventeen" (Grammy), "Song of the Year - At Seventeen", "Record of the Year - At Seventeen"; "Best Engineered Recording, non-classical - Between the Lines" (Grammy). Platinum in the US, Australia, UK; gold in Holland, Belgium, South Africa, Israel. "At Seventeen" #1 single US; top twenty single UK, Australia, Holland, Israel.

  • Congratulations to Jimmy Carter!

    Said Janis when hearing President Jimmy Carter had won the Best Spoken Word Grammy: "I don't feel like I lost anything, since it went to a Nobel Peace Prize winner and man I greatly admire. Besides (referencing her 2013 Grammy win over Bill Clinton), how many presidents can one person go up against in a lifetime?!"

  • What an Anniversary!

    2016 marks 50 years since Janis recorded her first album, Janis Ian, which featured "Society's Child" and got her first Grammy nomination for "Best Folk Album." (The actual nomination and ceremony were in 1967, for the 1966 period.) It also marks 40 years since the 1976 Grammys, when "At Seventeen" and Between the Lines were up for five Grammys and won two ("Best Female Vocalist" and "Best Engineered Album.")

    In all, Janis Ian has been nominated for ten Grammys in eight different categories over a 50 year period. Pretty remarkable!

  • $80,500 from Pearl this year!

    $80,500. That's how much we just sent to our four current scholarship funds. $909,000. That's how much money the Pearl Foundation has now given to fund our five ongoing scholarships for returning students. We couldn't do it without you - when you buy merchandise through my website or at a show, hold a living room concert, take a free download or sheet music and donate a dollar, - it all goes into the pot. I cannot begin to tell you how thrilling it is to see those checks go out every year. Thank you one and all, from me, my wife, and our 30+ (to date) scholarship recipients!! More info on The Pearl Foundation.

  • Patience & Sarah wins prestigious Earphones Award!

    Patience & Sarah has won a prestigious Earphones Award from AudioFile. Here's what they had to say: "Janis Ian and Jean Smart bring exquisite joy, vulnerability, and honesty to their narration of Isabel Miller's 1969 historical fiction novel about the love between a poor farmer's daughter, Sarah, and a folk painter, Patience, in nineteenth-century New England. As the two women realize their feelings for each other, the narrators take on a tender tone and slow their pace, allowing their romantic epiphany to unfold. This makes for a touchingly intimate listening experience. Miller's classic love story, beautiful in its simplicity, is the first winner of the American Library Association's Stonewall Award, which recognizes "exceptional merit relating to the gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgender experience." Ian and Smart give Sarah and Patience new life. E.M.C. Winner of AudioFile Earphones Award © AudioFile 2016, Portland, Maine [Published: JANUARY 2016]"

  • Patience & Sarah Nominated For GRAMMY Award!

    We are thrilled to announce that Janis and Jean Smart have been nominated for a GRAMMY Award in "Best Spoken Word" for the audiobook Patience & Sarah!

    Self-funded and produced by Janis, directed by Stefan Rudnicki (who also directed Janis' Grammy-winning autobiography Society's Child, Janis and Emmy Award-winning actress Jean Smart each perform as one of the characters in this dual point-of-view love story. Their narration brings new life into this beautiful and inspiring novel that is just as relevant today as it was decades ago.

    The audiobook is available in the store where you can also read more about it and listen to samples.

    Janis sends congratulations to all the other nominees, noting that she has a personal connection to each of them:

    Blood on Snow (Jo Nesbo), Patti Smith
    Brief Encounters: Conversations, Magic Moments, And Assorted Hijinks, Dick Cavett
    A Full Life: Reflections at Ninety, Jimmy Carter
    Yes Please, Amy Poehler (and Various Artists)

    Notes Janis: I saw one of the best shows of my life when Patti Smith played a small club in San Francisco and I happened to be there on my one night off. Appeared on the Cavett show, voted for Carter, and was the first musical guest on Saturday Night Live, along with the late Billy Preston. It's a small world!!!

  • Getting On HBO Series

    Janis was featured, both as a singer/songwriter and an actress, on the final episode of HBO's Getting On, which began its last season on HBO November 8th. The series, which stars Laurie Metcalf, Alex Borstein, and Niecy Nash, featured Janis in episode eight, which aired on December 13th. Other actors appearing in that episode were Rita Moreno and Harry Dean Stanton.

    If you haven't watched the show before, you can watch all episodes on HBO GO, and see loads of trailers on line for all three seasons. Says Janis: "I spent almost two weeks filming and on set with the actors and crew, and had more fun than I've had in years. This is the only time I've been on a set as an actress, and it was completely different. Everyone was incredibly helpful and kind, and I hope I did my years with Stella Adler proud!

    "To have the opportunity to work with a true legend, Rita Moreno, let alone hear her singing portions of 'At Seventeen', was more than I would have dreamed possible. To actually be in an episode of a series I admired so much already, to be on set for weeks instead of appearing for two hours to sing a song and then leave... I can't begin to describe what a joy this whole process was.

    "I didn't really understand what it meant for the series to end until the night after our first rehearsal day, when Laurie and Alex and I were sitting around a picnic table talking about it. In my world, you know when a tour will end, when an album will be done, when you'll be saying goodbye to everyone. And it's usually well under a year for a project - so I had no understanding of what it meant, after three years together, for the cast and crew to say 'goodbye'.

    "It moved me so much that I began scribbling notes for a song on the back of my script. I scribbled during breaks for the next three days, then sang it for Laurie and Alex. With their blessing, I presented the song to the writers, Will Scheffer and Mark Olsen, and the producer, Chrisann Verges. Although it was too late to use in the series, I went ahead and recorded it as a thank you, and a tribute, to the wonderful people I met and worked with there."

    Janis' new original song, "Getting On," is available right now to download in the Shopping Mall.

    You can listen to "Getting On" in its entirety for free via a stream at SoundCloud.

    Visit the HBO GO website.

    Visit the Getting On home page.

  • Lincoln Center's "Great American Songwriters" features Janis!

    We're thrilled to announce that Janis will be playing Lincoln Center's "Great American Songwriters" series on February 5, 2016. Tickets to the general public go on sale November 16th at 10 am EST. This is the only live show planned for 2016; the rest of her time will be taken up finishing projects she's been delaying in other areas.  
    We're not sure what she's planning, but we know the show will feature what Janis considers her own best work!!

    In celebration of her first partnership with Lincoln Center, back in 1967, she has released an e-book version of her 1967 poetry book, Who Really Cares, as well as a re-release of the print edition of Stars: The Anthology, with a new story by Michael Swanwick. You can purchase either through this site, benefitting the Pearl Foundation, or through all the "regular outlets".


  • Video by Gogorosi uses song "From Me To You"!

    Paraskevi Gogorosi is a Greek designer and video maker. In her own words: " I have made a video inspired by your song, for the dire situation that the Syrian refugees are facing. I was looking at photos of them while listening to Janis' songs. It was just an intense moment, when I realised that the lyrics were telling a story about these souls."

    Special thanks to Mine Music for permission to post this with music!

    Watch the video on Vimeo.



  • Join Janis on HBO's "Getting On" series!

    Janis will be appearing in the final episode of the critically acclaimed HBO series Getting On, both acting and singing. The third season begins airing November 8th, so give yourself time to catch up on this incredible combination of docu-drama and comedy before then. 
    Janis' own appearances take place "on the ward" and in the "hospital", using four of her songs in performances you would never, ever expect to see. Rita Moreno sings with her, and even Harry Dean Stanton puts in an appearance.

    The beginning of a new phase in Janis' career? We don't know; we just know she wrote a song for the final show and series that will be released closer to the air date, and that "Being on the set with actors of this calibre, along with Mark (Olsen), Will (Shepherd), and Miguel (Arteta) was one of the highlights of my life. It was so much fun that for the ten days of the shoot, I was on set even when I wasn't required."

    The final episode contains some huge surprises, so tune in!!

  • Janis & Jean Smart co-narrate!

    The long awaited audio book Patience & Sarah is finally available. Listen to excerpts on our site! A true labor of love on Janis' part, the audio book is narrated by multi-award-winning actress Jean Smart (Designing Women) as Patience, and Janis as Sarah. Directed by Stefan Rudnicki, who directed Janis' own Grammy-winning autobiography, this brings to fruition a dream Janis has had since first reading the print book in 1972. We're keeping fingers crossed that lightning strikes twice, and it makes the final round of you-know-what-award nominations!!!

  • Stars audiobook on CD finally available here!

    The updated version of Stars: Original Stories Based on the Songs of Janis Ian is now available in our online store as a CD audio book. Featuring original short stories by 30 top science fiction authors, Stars is a huge anthology in both volume and talent. E

    Stars was compiled and edited by Mike Resnick and Janis Ian and includes stories by Nebula and Hugo winners like Joe Haldeman, Jane Yolen, Harry Turtledove, Orson Scott Card, and Mercedes Lackey. Included, too, a story by Janis Ian.The stories 'have heart. They have life. They have truth. They move me,' says Janis Ian. 'As an artist I can ask for nothing more.' 

    You can purchase this brand new CD audio book version in our online store. You'll also find links to purchase the book as a downloadable audio book (from Audible) a paperback (from Amazon) or a Kindle download (from Amazon).

  • The Singer & The Song & Stars both nominated for 2015 Audie Awards!

    The Singer & The Song has been nomiated for a prestigious Audie Award! Janis not only narrates this wonderful book from Miriam Therese Winter, she performs over twenty pieces of music, including an original song she wrote especially for the project. The Singer and the Song includes a performance of "Joy Is Like the Rain" and other songs penned by Miriam Therese Winter. The author and narrator, supported by friends who formed an interfaith chorus in the studio, perform a classic spiritual memoir in a way that will inspire anyone interested in living a life of love and service. The Singer & The Song is available in Janis' store.

    For Stars, also nominated for an Audie Award, Janis and 30 top science fiction writers team up to create an astonishing book of original short fiction. Stars is a huge anthology in both volume and talent. Each story, available only here, is based on a Janis Ian song that meant something special to the author, who then wrote the story expressly for Stars, creating a meld of jazz, prose, and science fiction found nowhere else - a treasure trove for fans of both SF and Janis Ian! The amazing audio book is over twenty hours long and narrated by Janis, Gabrielle De Cuir, Emily Rankin, Stefan Rudnicki, Susan Hanfield, Kathe Mazur, Paul Boehmer and Kristoffer Tabori. The Stars audiobook is available at Audible.com.

    You can find a complete list of nominees at the Audio Publishers Association website.

  • Thank you one and all!

    The 2015 "White sale" raised over $20,000 net for Pearl Foundation scholarship endowments - a special thank you to everyone on Facebook who shared the news. We sold out of many items in the first two days - the G7 capos, Stella Adler sets, D'Addario Musician's Boxes, Grand Center DVD and others went like hotcakes. We were completely overhwlemed during the last 48 hours, with over 300 orders coming in just during that period. This was great!!!! The sale even led to the formation of a brand new page on my site - check out Gear for microphones, guitars, and more! Sign up for the Mailing List to be notified about future sales, and thank you all again! 

  • The Singer & the Song receives prestigious Voice Arts nomination!

    Janis' most recent audio book has been nominated for a Voice Arts award! In addition to narrating the life history of Medical Mission Sister Miriam Therese Winter, Janis sung 28 songs by the noted Catholic theologian for the project, spent several days learning correct pronunciation for words in the Navajo tongue as well as how to say things in languages ranging from Laotian to Hindi, and created an enormous "script" with notes on how to translate a song written for a women's prison choir into a single singer with wine glasses and a yellow highlighter for instruments.

    An incredible story that spans 70+ years, and leads us everywhere from Khmer Rouge hideouts to the Hartford Seminary, we are thrilled that the book is being recognized, and "MT" - still thriving - is seeing the labors of her unstintingly generous life shared with so many

  • Janis and Tommy Emmanuel!

    After a scant 10 minute's "rehearsal" in an unused trailer backstage at the Philadelphia Folk Festival, Tommy Emmanuel joined Janis on stage for two stunning closers - "At 17", and "Over the Rainbow".

    Janis was completely unaware that when Tommy first moved to the "big city" of Sydney Australia, broke and renting a tiny room for $7.00 a night, a kindly pizza joint owner took pity on the young guitarist and played the song on a jukebox for him. Tommy said the fellow played it a dozen times for him that day, and every day thereafter he listened to it at least once. Completely unexpected magic and synchronicity. 

    Tune in here! or go to Janis' own Youtube channel to watch

  • Top 40 in Rolling Stone!

    Janis' multi-award-winning album, Between the Lines, has been named by Rolling Stone Magazine as "One of the 40 Albums Baby Boomers Loved That Millenials Don't Know." Read the article as well as Janis' page in it. 

  • I'm Still Standing is available!

    Although the Strictly Solo album is currently only available for purchase at live shows, Janis has made "I'm Still Standing" available on iTunes and Amazon.com for downloading. Says she: "I've gotten so many requests, literally hundreds, from fans who want a copy of that song to play for themselves and their friends - it just seemed so important to people - so I've put that one track up. I hope everyone enjoys it!"

  • Want to contribute to a new project?

    Janis just finished recording two self-funded projects near and dear to her heart - Mike Resnick's "Kirinyaga" and Isabel Miller's "Patience & Sarah." These projects are being funded through the sale of her guitars and contributions from people like you! If you like the idea use the button below or go to Paypal and send something to projects@janisian.com. See below for a fuller explanation.

    * NOTE. The other Paypal donation buttons on this site do NOT fund projects. They deposit directly to the Pearl Foundation!!! Frankly, we'd rather you put your money there, but if you have extra, we'll gladly take it for the projects fund!

    Says Janis: "I've sold a National Steel and custom Les Paul to fund these projects because I love these books, and I firmly believe that out there is an audio book publisher who will "get it" and give them the time and attention they deserve.

    About Kirinyaga, Amazon.com says:

    "In Kirinyaga, Resnick presents the haunting and utterly compelling tale of one man's utopia. By the 22nd century in the African nation of Kenya, polluted cities sprawl...great animal herds are but distant memories... but Koriba, a distinguished, educated man of Kikuyu ancestry... is determined to build a utopian colony, not on earth, but on the terraformed planetoid he proudly names Kirinyaga... Reinstating the ancient customs and stringent laws of the Kikuyu people... he must face many challenges to the struggling colony's survival: from a brilliant young girl whose radiant intellect could threaten their traditional ways to the interference of "Maintenance" which holds the power to revoke the colony's charter.

    Ironically, the Kirinyaga experiment threatens to collapse-not from violence or greed-but from humankind's insatiable desire for knowledge. The Kikuyu people can no more stand still in time than their planet can stop revolving around its sun. Deeply moving, swiftly paced, and profound in its implications...

    About "Patience & Sarah":

    Recipient of the American Library Association's very first Stonewall Award, this classic historical novel is based on two real women (painter Mary Ann Wilson and her companion, Miss Brundage) who lived together in a "Boston marriage" during the early 1800's. The book traces the relationship between Patience White (narrated by Jean Smart) and Sarah Dowling (narrated by Janis Ian) as they weather the puritanical beliefs of their small New England farm community.

    Per Janis: "To call this a 'gay love story' is to limit the story. It's the tale of anyone who's ever fallen in love with the 'wrong' person, whose had to take on family, church, community, even friends in order to be true to themselves. The book itself is a multi-layered piece of historical fiction that also addresses the limited roles of women in America then and now, gender expression past and present, monetary freedom and entrapment, the interpretation of religion as it pertains to everyday life, the difference being able to read can make in a life, and ultimately, the triumph of love over ignorance and small-mindedness."

    Janis Ian is waiving any fees for the creation of these projects. Funding is necessary to cover studio time, director, editing, room and board, talent and transportation costs. Kirinyaga has moderate funding due to Skyboat Media, Stefan Rudnicki and Gabrielle de Cuir donating their services, but it's bare bones beyond that. Mike Resnick has also waived any sort of advance because he wants KIRINYAGA to be narrated by Janis. Any kind of contribution for these projects is very appreciated!

    If there are monies left over they will either go to creating an album of "old time" music by friends like Al Petteway, Amy White, and Diane Jones to accompany the "P&S" audio book, and other independent projects by Janis.

  • March UK Tour With Tom Paxton

    Janis will be on tour with Tom Paxton during the month of March throughout the UK.

    Shows are schecheduled for Birmingham, Bristol, Basingstoke, Liverpool, Gateshead, London, Cambridge, York and Glasgow.

    More information about each date is available on the On Tour page.

  • School Library Journal loves The Tiny Mouse!

    School Library Journal has given The Tiny Mouse a series of accolades, beginning with their stunning review, continuing with an article about the importance of music to reading, inspired by you-know-who. The book is currently on sale in our website store, and can be signed and personalized by Janis herself!!


  • The Singer & the Song wins an award & gets a blog!

    Skyboat Media have put up a blog of the project - watch Janis play wine glasses, tune her guitar, and run her Mormon choir! See footage of "MT" talking about her song "Joy Is Like the Rain".

    Janis' bold narration of Sister Miriam Therese Winter's autobiography has received the prestigious "Earphones Award" from Audiofile Magazine. The audio book features over 20 songs performed by Janis, her first major recording since 2006. For more information about this incredible project - a true labor of love - read here.

  • We have just given away $76,000!!

    Much thanks to everyone who made this year's Pearl Foundation disbursements possible - auction participants, website and live show purchases, Paypal buttons, checks and money orders. We appreciate every single cent! This year, we disbursed funds to continue endowing the Pearl Foundation scholarships as follows:

    Warren Wilson College $23,000.

    Berea College $46,000 (two scholarships)

    Goddard College $7,000 (adding to present scholarship fund)

  • What a month!

    What a month it's been! Though it's a little early to tell for sure, looks like the annual website sale raised over $4,500 for the Pearl Foundation! Added to the auction proceedings of @ $12,500, we are having a banner December. Thank you one and all!

  • Janis' new audio book released November 19th!

    Janis' first big audio book project since she won the Grammy for her own audio book releases November 19th. The autobiography of Miriam Therese Winter, Medical Mission Sister, Catholic feminist theologian, songwriter and recording artist who sold out Carnegie Hall with her choir, "MT" is currently dean of the New Hartford Seminary's Feminist Studies department. At 75, she shows no signs of slowing down!

    The audio book contains 28 songs and excerpts from songs by Winter; all but two are performed by Janis. (The exceptions are one original recording from Winter's choir in the 70's, and one small choir led by Janis for the recording.) 

    Janis calls it "a really American project. You have a Catholic nun who says she's 'defected in place'. A gay Jewish narrator, a lapsed Catholic director and semi-Buddhist producer, with several Mormon friends providing a choir here and there. Diversity coupled with sincerity, and respect for one another's cultures and religions. That's really what America is about."

    She set out to make the recording as true to Winter's life as possible. "Here's a woman who, at age 16, decided to enter the nunnery. She wanted to go to Africa, but they made her stay and get a master's in music. Then came Vatican II, and they had no Catholic liturgy, so she wrote the liturgy. Off she went to Kenya afterwards, ministering to emaciated children. And then to Cambodia, Laos, the Khmer Rouge and their victims. She comes home, finally, to get her doctorate at Princeton, and Hartford calls her to head up their first feminist studies program. Between all that, she writes books about the relationship between quantum physics and theology, survives breast cancer, helps her own mother through her breast cancer, and realizes that God is so very, very much bigger than she'd ever thought, there isn't even a word for it any longer. 

    "I had a moment of enormous panic when I realized that I was supposed to single-handedly re-create 28 choir pieces... me and my little guitar. But the more I listened and sang MT's songs, the more I realized that her usic reflected the times, and her growth through those times. From 'Joy is Like the Rain' and 'Peter', where she's discovering her own relationship to the universe at large - to "It's a Long, long Road", where she joins the other church folk working within the civil rights movement, to 'Architect of All Creation' (my personal favorite) and the all-embracing 'I am the One' - she's bravely looked into her own heart, and her own church, and forged her own path. I tried to do the same with this book."

    Listen to a sample here, and as soon as we have our own website page up, there'll be even more! You can purchase the audiobook here - enjoy!!!

  • Kirkus Reviews names The Tiny Mouse a Best Children's Book!

    Janis Ian's new book, The Tiny Mouse, with illustrations by Ingrid & Dieter Schubert, has been named a "Best Children's Book 2013" by the prestigious Kirkus Review. Visit Janis' new Youtube channel for videos.

    The Tiny Mouse follows the adventures of a bored mouse who decides to go to sea and narrowly escapes a grisly death. In his moment of truth, he understands that it's better to be a whole mouse at home than someone's dinner at sea.

    This book and CD set has not only Janis Ian singing "The Tiny Mouse" with a full band but also a version without vocals for singalong fun. A complete transcription for piano and guitar is also included, and children are encouraged to create their own videos, using the background music, then post to Youtube!!

  • Janis wins an An Audie Award!

    We are proud to announce Janis has won an Audie in the "Best Narration by Author" category!!! This is the only awards program in the United States devoted entirely to honoring spoken word entertainment.

    You can find a behind-the-scenes look at how the book was created by visiting the Skyboat Media tribute here

    The Audio Publishers Association, a non-profit trade organization, was formed in 1987 and serves the audio book industry much as the Grammys serve the music industry, advocating high production and technical standards, serving as a networking and educational forum, and bringing together everyone involved in audiobooks.

  • Janis WINS the GRAMMY!

    We are thrilled to announce that Janis has won the 2013 GRAMMY award for "Best Spoken Word Album"! Up against Bill Clinton, Michelle Obama, Ellen Degeneres and Rachel Maddow, Janis' autobiography Society's Child took home the award.

    The audiobook is on sale in the store right now! It's available as a 12 hour / 10 CD package. You can also listen to samples from the audiobook and read more about it in the Reading Room.

    In honor of her GRAMMY win, Audible.com are offering a free 17 minute sample of the book! Look under the cover photo and press "Sample."

    You can also visit the Official Grammy website to watch video footage of the award presentation.


  • Check The Latest Update!

    Visit the News Room for all the latest news on Janis. Visit the On Tour page for her current tour schedule.

  • Janis' audiobook is a Booklist 2012 Editor's Choice!

    Booklist has chosen the audiobook "Society's Child: My Autobiography", recently nominated for a Best Spoken Word GRAMMY award, as part of it's 2012 Editor's Choice list. Booklist is the American Library Association's organ for reviews, interviews, and the like. It goes not just to libraries but to bookstores, schools, and other institutions all over the country. As someone who constantly gives thanks to the library system for what it has done, and continues to do, for her, Janis does whatever she can to promote them. This Editor's Choice is particularly appropriate - congratulations, Janis!

  • New Free Downloads!

    We've posted several new free downloads on the Free Downloads page, including the full version of "I Am The One" as well as "Play Like A Girl" from the 2000 release "god & the fbi." Just right click on the download button to download the MP3 files.

  • New "Author's preferred" Kindle and paperback editions of Society's Child for overseas purchasers!

    I've just published a new Kindle edition of my autobiography, Society's Child, specifically for fans wanting to order outside North America. Up until now, your only option was to order through US outlets and pay heavy shipping - we fixed that now! Done in conjunction with Lucky Bat Books, it contains links to music and photos and more. And in our continuing effort to save you shipping costs, the trade paperback version should also be available on your local Amazon site. Just search for the 2012 Author's Preferred Edition of Society's Child.

  • Free Story!

    In honor of the digital release of the Stars anthology, we are offering Janis' contribution ("Second Person Unmasked") for free reading, in the hopes that it will convince you to buy the book!

    Stars: Original Stories Based On the Songs Of Janis Ian received three "best" & seventeen honorable mentions (including Janis' story!) in Year's Best SF 2004, ed. by Gardner Dozois.

    The book also features Spider Robinson, David Gerrold, Robert Sawyer, Stephen Baxter, Nancy Kress, Howard Waldrop, Harry Turtledove.

    "This dazzling, highly original anthology, ignited by the meeting of songwriter Ian and a host of SF writers affected by her music at the 2001 Worldcon, showcases 30 mostly superior stories, each based on one of her songs. Some contributors take Ian at her word that science fiction is 'the jazz of prose,' responding to many of society's sharpest wounds with bittersweet improvisatory descants, like Terry Bisson in 'Come Dance with Me,' David Gerrold in 'Riding Janis' and Orson Scott Card in 'Inventing Lovers on the Phone,' tales that probe the angst of adolescence… The entire anthology seems to vibrate with the death throes of one world passing away, while far stranger ones struggle to be born. Their commonality, Ian tells us in her introduction, is that 'They have heart. They have life. They have truth.' No artist - nor any reader - could ask for more." - Publisher's Weekly

  • The "Tiny Mouse" has launched!

    Janis' song "The Tiny Mouse", (lyrics) written especially for The Boat Project, has become reality. The little wooden carving of a mouse, which inspired the song, has been placed at the top of the steering wheel on the boat, which will be touring the UK and going down the river Thames as part of the Olympic Ceremonies this summer.

    "It was an enormous honor to be one of only fifteen songwriters asked to participate in this project," said Janis. "Though I can't participate in the Olympics as a high jumper, my previous goal in life, 'The Tiny Mouse' has allowed me to play some small role in the festivities."

    An album of the songs has been created with more info here and here.

    You can pre-order at Amazon UK.

    It will be available on Amazon US and iTunes soon after.

    Lyrics are here.


  • "Nothing Special," featuring "Days Like These" chosen for Academy of Motion Pictures collection!

    From the writer/director, Angela Garcia Combs:

    I am writing to share some exciting news about our film, "Nothing Special". The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences, wrote to us to ask if they could include "Nothing Special" in their curated Permanent Core Collection. I was informed that they had tracked the film and felt it was worthy of inclusion in their permanent collection by virtue of its artistic and educational merit. The materials will be preserved and the script and film will be used as a teaching tool for new writers and filmmakers. It's a great honor to have achieved this kind of critical recognition, and I'd like to thank all the great talent that worked on this piece for your support, belief and the lending of your talent to achieve this unexpected recognition. Wonderful and worthy is your work, talent, and support, and I look forward to many more great collaborations and adventures.

    Very truly,

    Angela Garcia Combs Writer/Director


  • Janis featured in The London Times!

    Janis was recently featured in The London Times. David Sinclair wrote a glowing, four star review of her recent show at Cadogan Hall in London.

    Here's an excerpt from the review:

    "A teenage prodigy who enjoyed her first hit record when she was 15 and was a "has-been by the age of 16", Ian has since survived a succession of emotional trials and upheaveals to become the 60-year old grande dame of the singer-songwriter tendency that she is today. A short, silver-haired, Jewish woman from New Yor City, Ian stood alone on the stage - no sitting around for her. The show was all about the songs, the lyrics, the person; but posterity also demands a quick mention of her acoustic guitar. She played it so beautifully, with an attention to touch and tone far exceeding that of the great majority of singers accompanying themselves in this way. As she san encores of "Jesse" and "Stars" (there was) a joy among the audience that was palpable."

    You can read and/or download a clipping of the review here.

  • Read Janis' library speech.

    Janis was recently honored to be asked to address the annual start-of-school convocation of Nashville school librarians. She spoke deeply and from the heart about what libraries have meant to her, both in and out of school, bringing many in the audience of several hundred to tears. A quote from the speech has been reprinted at the American Library Association's site.


  • "Welcome Home" Wins 2010 Asimov's Readers Award!

    Janis' song "Welcome Home" has won the 2010 Asimov's Readers' Award for best poem! She joins (among others) fellow honorees Carol Emshwiller, Michael Swanwick, and Michael Whalen.

    Said Janis: "As a loyal Asimov's reader since the magazine began in 1977 - and also as a former neighbor of Isaac Asimov's in Manhattan - this is a wonderful honor. I wrote 'Welcome Home' from the heart, and I'm so glad the readers agreed!"

    See a list of all the winners.

    Read the lyrics.

    Free download.

  • Yes, we got to donate $90,000!

    Just hit the Newsroom link on the home page to see what we're talking about! Outside of an impending trip to Japan, work with Kevin Eubanks and plans for a European tour, Janis and her fans were able to donate a stunning $90,000 in scholarship funds this year!

  • About The 'Search The Site' Function

    This new site utilizes a sophisticated Search Engine powered by Google. It searches the entire www.janisian.com site. However, it can take awhile for Google to update its records for this site.

    Right now it is still searching through a lot of information found on the pages of the OLD site.

    If you click on a search result that is pointed to an old, deleted page you will arrive at our custom "Page Not Found" page.

    Since we completely deleted the old site and built an entirely new site it will take a little while for Google to begin indexing these new pages and discarding the old pages. Once it does that the search results will begin to reflect content from this new site and not the old one. Thanks for your patience.

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